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Another Interview with an Awesome Diva.

Siobhan Sims, life coach and self-improvement writer, began her love of coaching while working in Philadelphia after achieving her B.A. Honours Degree in Social & Political Studies and I.T. The company she was working for, was all about positive living and having a balanced life as an employee. Siobhan was hooked and on returning, searched for a company that had the same mission in Kilkenny.

However, it was not to be found and in 2006, after a serious health scare, she left her job as a manager to work part-time in a bookshop, a dream of hers from a young age. It was during this time that she was able to decide what she wanted from life and her future. She realised that her calling was to become a life coach and enrolled with the ILI and became qualified a year later, specialising in stress management.

She started her own company and while being in demand, especially for her inspiring workshops, found she missed the social aspect of working with other people. That is when she started managing Khan’s Books in Kilkenny and found she was able to write her books, coach and still have the aspect of being social and surrounded by her two favourite things in life: people and books!

She is married and living in Kilkenny and she has just released her first book, “Did your Day Count? – Learn to get Balance and Direction in your Life!

If one thing is evident from the life of Siobhan Sims, it is that with hard work and direction, you can achieve your dreams.

FCG: Why are you so passionate about Life Balance?

SS: As a life coach, you will always see one type of cause that may be evident in a certain amount of your client’s cases. However, I was seeing a high volume of clients who all had the same basis of life balance just being off and for some by a huge margin. I have certain life coaching tools I use with my clients and in my own life and very soon you see people come alive and happier just making a few changes and bringing back what really matters into their life. I also know from my own life how important it is to lead a happier and more fulfilled life.

FCG: When did you decide that you wanted to be a mentor to other women?

SS: I personally have gone through my fair share of ups and downs and have long term health problems from an autoimmune disease yet I do not allow that to stop me. For a good part of my life I didn’t even know I was sick and I still was able to continue and put my priorities first. I am a large advocate of making yourself the most important thing in your life. I know, it sounds obvious after all, it is our own life but you would not believe how people put themselves at the bottom of their priorities. Look after yourself so that you can help those around you to the best of your ability. I find there is still a traditional view of women looking after all of those around them by either being a good wife, partner, mother, sister, daughter, shoulder to cry on friend and so forth and leaving themselves and their needs on the shelf. I’m here to shake it up a bit 🙂

FCG: Tell us a little about your book, “Did your Day Count? – Learn to get Balance and Direction in your Life” :

SS: As I said, I was seeing a high volume of clients with life balance and direction problems and felt I could help more people by bringing out a book that would specifically address these issues. The first thing will say about me is how “straight forward and simple” with my approach. I have no time for big terms. I want people to be able to concentrate on the message of my book rather than having to spend their time in a dictionary trying to figure out what I was trying to say!

It is a short book of just 136 pages and is a perfect size to pop in your bag or pocket so that you can dip in and out of it. I also include a small mini book on “Setting Goals that Work” in the back as I thought it will help the reader to take it to the next level. My own mission in life was to write this book and set up my own publishing house, so this book proves that if I can do it so can you. I spent three years writing this book as I insisted on everything I write about has to be something I live. So I can put my hand on my heart, that this book is livable and not just me preaching.

FCG: We would love to hear/read one of your favourite strategies for finding balance?

SS: One of my favourite strategies is for people to rate the different areas of their life as they are now, a few of these would be Family, Health, Finances, etc. by doing this, they are able to see where there is lack of balance in their life. Then they can start planing how they can make little changes to bring up the balance in that area. For example, if your family rating was only a 3 out of 10, you might arrange even to just meet up with your sister for coffee or if they are a distant away, a good phone call can be just as powerful. You will feel better and more connected to your family and feel better for having done it.

FCG: You are very active with charities tell us more:

SS: I have always been big on doing work fro charities as were my parents and it is something that I feel should be part of everyone’s lives. My charity for life is The Susie Long Hospice Fund here in Kilkenny and €1 from each of my books and all my future endeavors will be donated to the Susie Long Hospice Fund. Everyone has different ways of motivating themselves and for me the charity means that it will push me to get those few extra pages finished when I am feeling myself become distracted!

Siobhan Sims


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