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Keep a exercise journal

Keep a exercise journal…
As soon as you start your fat weight loss program, the first thing that I recommend is to start a journal.

In this journal, record all of the exercise that you do, noting the type of exercise you have been doing, how long you are doing it for and the intensity of your activity.  For example, you can walk extremely slowly or you can walk at the
speed of an Olympic race walker and there is going to be a significant difference between the calories you would burn off in these two alternative scenarios, so having a record of activity intensity is essential.
Remember that when you first exercising again, you are mechanically inefficient and heavy, and that the number of calories you’re burning off is therefore larger.

On the other hand, as you become more used to regular exercise, you should be able to ‘up’ the intensity level so that you burn off the same number of calories as you did in the early days, or perhaps even more. Don’t forget to take this into account, and factor this in when you try to calculate a ‘net calories burned’ figure for recording in your journal.
You need to keep a constant record of your (declining) weight in this journal, plus a complete record of everything you eat and drink.
This journal will become your ‘fat loss bible’ over the coming weeks, and you should not underestimate the importance of keeping a journal of this nature because it can serve many positive purposes.
When you are trying to lose weight, there is nothing more encouraging or inspiring than to see actual written proof that what you’re trying to achieve is working, and do not forget the point I raised earlier about having a final target weight and sticking to it.
You should not realistically expect to see a massive weight loss every day unless you start off from being very obese indeed. For this reason, I would not recommend that you take a note of your weight every day, but perhaps do so once or twice a week.

In this way, the weight loss becomes far more apparent, which is much more encouraging and far more likely to keep you going when temptation strikes from time to time.

There are some very good online resources for this as well, they will assist you with calculating your food values and exercise values.  It will be surprising how enlightening figuring out the numbers really is!

In my own journey, I use both online food & exercise tracking as well as support forums.  Test out a few sites, find one that it easy to use and matches your style.

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