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Life After a Breakup – Searching Within for the Strength to Move On

I don’t often talk about my personal relationships but I am going to share a little today.  Over the last six month I have been finding my way through a break up.  We had been together for 6 years. I spent a lot of time in the last few months not just analyzing what went wrong but also how my life needed to be different going forward.  I spent a lot of time alone and much of it was in deep thought and meditation.   I hope that you will benefit from some of my experience…

It’s perfectly understandable if your recent break up is really taking an emotional toll on you. So much negative energy takes center stage in our lives after a break up and it can be very difficult to overcome it.

However, the good news is there are ways to use your inner strength to help in the healing process so you can move on. Of course, it sounds much easier than it is, but what’s important is taking the healing process in stages and only move on to the next stage when you’re absolutely ready.

Reconnect with your inner self and identify the path that will lead you to full recovery:

Find a spiritual connection. One of the most effective ways to develop the strength to heal after a break up is to develop your spirituality. Being spiritual involves becoming in tune with the true desires and needs of your soul.  Being spiritual is easiest in nature look at finding a place where you can surround yourself with quiet peaceful nature.

Once you’ve made that connection with your true inner self, you can better see what will give you strength.

  • Turn to a spiritual guide/leader to help you find the true meaning of your existence.
  • Read books that help you get in touch with your inner self.
  • Spend time meditating on what’s really important to you.

Get motivated. A really bad break up can make anybody feel down out of sorts and without direction.  However, you must do what you can to motivate yourself to move on. What really motivates you? Look for things that are in different areas of you life that maybe you had put to the back burner before.

  • Do you feel motivated when you achieve goals that are important to you?
  • Will successful completions of projects at work or school get your enthusiasm going?
  • Are you inspired by the success of those closest to you?

Don’t compromise your happiness. If any aspects of your past relationship compromised your happiness, then it wasn’t the right relationship for you. You need to strive for internal happiness, driven by YOU. Remember that you’re a beautiful creation and you’re supposed to be happy. Strive for relationships that fill you with joy.

Accept support from your friends and family. Relying on those who are most important to you is a great way to gain the strength to heal. They can bring you words and deeds of comfort and kind reassurance. And that reassurance will help to convince you that you deserve the chance to move on from this break up and find happiness.

Inner Strength

Searching within yourself for the strength to move on after a break up essentially means identifying what you stand for and what makes you truly happy.

It also means getting to know yourself better so you truly see who you are and can follow your inner desires.

Admittedly, break ups are very hard to deal with, but coming to terms with the fact that the relationship is over is the first hurdle to clear. After that, gathering your inner strength and reflecting on your true desires can make it possible to confidently take the next step of moving on.

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