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Since I have been reading and studying a lot about “minimalism” lately I wanted to review and update my personal LifeStyle Vision.  I wanted to make sure it was really representing what I want from my life “today”.

I started by reading what I had written five years ago when I started down my path of self growth.

Then I read what I had written a couple of months ago

I found a couple interesting things:

  • many of the ideas that are based on my core values are almost exactly the same
  • although I have some ideas about what I want to be doing, there is an over riding directive

A quote from my original vision

“Material things are very nice and they are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, but the pursuit of those things is not the main factor in our lives.”

“Real joy comes from a warm hug from a friend, a secret shared between sisters, or an adventure shared by brothers. Real joy comes from the warm satisfying feeling that washes over your body when some one shows their appreciation for your helping heart guiding them to the experience of peace and satisfaction within their lives.”

I feel just as strongly about these thoughts and ideas today as I did 5 years ago.

I look back 20 years ago and think about how I lived my life… I could say that I was poor, uneducated and unlucky… but that is not really true. Even back then before I knew one thing about passions, law of attraction, or yin and yang. I was making decisions that were prioritized by my soul about people and experiences being more important then material things.

These days I understand more, I have experienced a lot and I am still prioritizing people and life experience first.

My over riding directive is to show others the path that I have followed and to make their journey easier.

Do you know your LifeStyle Vision?  How closely does it align with your core values?  Do you have an over riding directive or purpose?

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