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Live the change you want to make in the world

I spent a lot of time reading over the holidays… reading the figurative pile of digital books that I have on my computer and lots of blog posts.  Updated my twitter and facebook lists, really looking for people that were “walking the walk”.  You have heard me say this before, I just can’t move forward with a project unless I have moved through that zone myself.   It is not authentic, it is not fair to readers/students.

I was totally surprised that after I spent some time reading a particular blog, that the writer “confused” to not “being there yet”.  I was disappointed!  The blog was visually pleasing, the writing was good…. but it wasn’t authentic to me, it didn’t reach me.

Running with Integrity

On one of my other blogs Pure Infusion I have been writing a lot about running lately, stuff I am learning, stuff I read but I try very hard to describe how what I am doing fits into that bigger picture.  I talk my journey and I HOPE to heck that it feels authentic to others and then will join in the journey.

I was over reading Farbeyoundthestars.com by Everett Bogue. In his article “How to Create an A-List Minimal Blog in Less than 6 Months”  he lists those main points, attitudes, actions that will create a great blog.  Well I am not a minimalist blogger, I think his points can easily be transferred to any blog.

First and foremost “Live the change you want to make in the world”, yes!  This guy is so smart, in fact Everett  is Freakin’ Brilliant! *another one of Everett’s points*

Everett says

“If you’re going to advocate for minimalism, you better damn well actually be living a minimalist lifestyle.”

Lead by Example

Really I don’t believe it matters, whatever you are writing about needs to be something you are passionately living!  You will then bring integrity and authenticity to your writing and your personal credibility.  Maybe it takes a little longer to accomplish your goals, to reach success, but you will have done it the correct way, you will be leading my example!

Now get out there and Live the change you want to make in the world

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