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Location Independent Lifestyle Choices

I am just starting to scratch the surface of the whole concept of Location Independence.   There are a lot of blogs out there on Lifestyle Design especially after Tim Ferris published his book 4 hour work week.

Maybe it is just me, but many many of the people writing, travel, experiencing  are young men.  Now there is nothing at all wrong with that, that is great.  But they definitely have the advantage of only having responsibility for themselves.  There are a couple of young couples with small children, like Adam Baker, but just a few.

I definitely want to travel more and when I say travel, I want to spend 3-4 months in a specific area, so not only do you get to hit all the “tourist” spots, but you have enough time to soak up the atmosphere and culture of the place. AND then I want to move into retreat cabin in the back country with lots of animals.  🙂  but that is not what this is about.

Unlike my fav location independent peeps, I have a few things that I am responsible for that I need to take care of and I have a significant other who is not as “free spirited” as I am.

Before we hit the road:

  • Debt eliminated
  • Business earning enough
  • Decide transportation
  • Decide on first location
  • Budgeting
  • Go!

Debt elimination and business boosting to me are equal in importance and are both underway already.  Really something we have been working on for a year.  We have had some ups and downs 🙂 but we have actually been quite successful so far.  With a good plan in place for debt elimination it is time to focus on the independent business.

Not just an online business, but an online business with integrity and with purpose.  I am really exciting about the direction that we are moving!  It will be amazing when we can say it is the time to go!

If you are already location independent I would love to hear the prep work you did to get on the road, comment on my Facebook Page

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