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Low Calorie Food Replacements

More and more people are now getting conscious about being healthy and eating healthy. The food industry, however, is not making things easy to maintain a healthy, reasonable diet. The good news is, even though there are a lot of foods out there that can give you that extra flab on your waist, there are some food items that you can use as a substitute without having to risk flavor and texture.

Butter is so delicious and rich in flavor that all pastries and sauces simply must have them as a base. The downside to this is that butter can contain a lot of calories you simply do not need. Margarine is a good replacement for butter because it can still give the dish some flavor without letting you suffer extra calories on the side.

Ramen noodles can be very tasty, but they also pack a lot of calories. Instead of eating ramen, try to eat rice instead or other noodles such as spaghetti for a more filling, yet less fattening meal. And since we are on the topic of noodles, the thing that makes pasta fattening is the sauce it comes in. White sauces have more calories in it compared to red sauces. Instead of ordering or creating pasta alfredo, a pasta marinara would be a better meal.

Chocolates are sinfully good, yet they are equally bad when it comes to calories. To satisfy your craving for chocolate, go instead with organic dark chocolates that are full of cocoa rather than sugar, vegetable oil, and other additives.

Fast food chains are famous for their French fries. Admittedly, they taste very good and can be satisfying. But have you tried squeezing a piece? A slender member of this fast-food sensation is actually made up of 90% oil. Instead of buying them, try making a batch yourself by sprinkling some herbs and spices and popping them in the oven. This way, you use less oil, you get more flavor, and still satisfy your craving. Make your French fries by using sweet potatoes instead of regular ones. Sweet potatoes have more fiber, and can contain antioxidant properties that can be better for your health.

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