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Make it easy to Pin your posts on Pinterest


I am a pretty big fan of Pinterest!  there are so many amazing topics, and beautiful pictures.   I have to admit there are some nights where I get lost in all  the fun!  There are Forbes reports that Pinterest is now the 3rd largest Social Networking site.

A Quick look at Pinterest for those who are not familiar.

Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard.

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.

Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests. via http://pinterest.com

You can pin ANYthing.  For small businesses it is a great way to get known, whether you are writing articles or selling your products.  Personally I have seen Pinterest referrals quickly become the top 5 for my site.

#1 – It is really important to add a Pinterest Share button along with your Facebook and Twitter.  This makes it easier for people readying your posts to pin it right away.

Pinterest use pictures as it’s focus so there are some really important steps to making your post “pinable”

#2  – Add a really awesome picture to your post.  Pinterest will automatically select the first picture in your post.

Pinterest insists that you type a description/comments about the post

#3 – Add the title of your post or what you want to appear on Pinterest to the title of your picture, this will automatically fill in the description for you

Just like this:

Coming soon more tips and tricks for making the most of your Social Media Interactions.

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