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Make Your Home a Relaxing Sanctuary Using Japanese Decorating Details

You can easily transform your room or home into a relaxing and beautiful haven by adding Japanese decorating details.

Complementing your d├ęcor with a handful of carefully chosen Japanese features can wonderfully transform your home from reflecting your hectic lifestyle to promoting calm and serenity. If you spend a bit of time and energy adapting a few of the traditional Japanese details to the look and feel of your home, you can make it a perfect relaxation sanctuary to seek refuge from the craziness of modern life.

What Makes It Japanese

The best way to start on your Japanese scheme it to spend a bit of time thinking about the impact of Japanese culture on its design, and how you can use this to change the look and feel of your home. It is not necessarily a very easy process so here are a few hints and tips to help you.

You should opt for a simple, serene look. Japanese design is not crammed with loads of features, but rather pared down to highlight just the right looking elements in any given scheme. Japanese design is the opposite of a busy style with many colors, so you should keep the featured items and colors simple.

For a successful Japanese look, the use of natural light plays an important part. By opening up windows and allowing sunlight to flow in you can really enhance a beautiful room. You can use soft curtains in light colors, and consider having a lot of windows to increase the Japanese feel of your design.

The room will not work if it is full of things, as Japanese design is minimalist. This means that you need to consider options to hide the clutter from view. Lines are kept simple and pure for a Japanese look. For instance if using a table it should be of a simple design and have very few decorative elements about it or on it. Rugs can make a floor look cluttered and should be avoided. Furniture should be kept low to the ground.

As a last note, remember that the lines in the Japanese design make it what it is. Incorporate many horizontal lines in the furniture, walls and the various other elements that you include in your design and make sure you only use only natural materials such as wood and stone. You can transform your home almost instantly with a calming and beautiful look by adding a few Japanese elements to your scheme.

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