Making Meditation a Lifetime Practice

Successful people are not born that way. They become successful by establishing the habit of doing things unsuccessful people do not like to do. They do not always like these things themselves; they just get on and do them. Even a child is not born with the daily habit of eating, but cultivating such a habit, initially out of force becomes a necessity in the later stages and even a reason of living for some. Similar is the case with meditation when it comes to developing it as a daily practice for constant improvement.

So here are 3 most easy tips to make meditation a practice for the whole life!!


Challenge your inner self by setting targets of your own. This target will become a daily reminder of the new practice you have to follow. Let us say you set a target of meditating for 20 minutes each day. Then, by prompting repetitively “I will meditate 20 minutes each day continuously for 40 days” will all the more strengthen your determination to do the same. After 40 days you will notice that it has become a habit of yours which you follow each day without reminding yourself about any targets.


Allot a definite time for your meditation and do it regularly at that particular time only. This is because it is often found that people are too much indulged in other routine activities, thereby forgetting their meditation schedule. Thus, following the same time for meditation will act as an alarm at that time even if you are indulged in the busiest of the tasks!


It is quite possible that your mind tries to convince you regarding the fact that meditation is not giving you immediate result so better leave it and do some other work. It is that time when you need to be aware of the fact that inner dirt of several years cannot be cleaned in days. So tell your mind to BE PATIENT!!

Apart from the above mentioned facts, it is often found that people tend to drop the idea of meditating because they do not get accurate and myth free guided meditation techniques. At that time, just hold back your idea of dropping meditation practice and try to seek good consultation as there may be many good meditation retreats lying in store for you which you may not be aware of presently.

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