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Meditate for emotional freedom

I have been reading a lot about meditation lately…. really breaking through the doubts about where or not I could do it.  But as I learn more, I understand better.  Meditation is not about “how you do it” only that you participate daily.

I was reading some great articles over at Shake off the Grind, Joe has some great tips to help you succeed with meditation.

How to Transform Emotions Through Meditation

Could you use a boost of positive emotions? Emotional well-being and positive emotions can come from many different sources. We can experience more positivity through socializing with friends and family, exercising, doing things we love, and if all else fails psychotherapy and Prozac.

Though, another source that is effective, simple, and convenient is meditation. This is a practice and activity that works best for me when I feel irritable and agitated.

Meditation provides a time for inner-peace and momentary presence, which can help us to “let go” and find calm contentment during difficult times.

It’s also a practice that can improve our ability and inclination to be mindful and aware of our emotions.



5 Simple Steps to Start Practicing Meditation


Below is an explanation of meditation in a nut-shell, and how to apply the ideas into practice. Meditation doesn’t have to be an esoteric pursuit. It can be a simple practice that works for almost any activity. Meditation can take place while taking a walk, when praying, or while washing the dishes. It all depends on the development of a meditative attitude and a willingness to practice.

Mindfulness Meditation:

This is a little more advanced form of meditation and can be more difficult without initially practicing concentration meditation. In mindfulness meditation the meditator passively observes the workings of the mind, any feelings that arise, or bodily sensations that emerge.



I look forward to reading more of Shake of the Grind!


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