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Meditation For Beginners – How to Start Meditating Quickly and Easily

One of the aims of meditating is to relax your body and quiet your mind. But where to start if you’re a beginner in meditation? Sure, everyone has to start somewhere but some methods of meditating are easier to start with than others. Here are some helpful tips on meditation for beginners.

1. Don’t get hung up on “getting it right”

Almost every meditation session is different and there’s no one single “correct” way to meditate. So don’t start to panic if you’re not sure whether or not you’re getting everything right first time. In fact, it’s much better to let your mind go and just relax. This will help your meditation session to go smoothly. If your conscious mind nags you and questions you, simply tell it to go away for a few minutes whilst you relax.

2. Try a few different methods

Many people find breathing meditation one of the easiest ways to start. You already breathe and the main idea of a breathing meditation (especially in the beginning stages) is to simply notice your breathing and control it without forcing breaths. Other people find that a walking meditation is a good way to start. Obviously for this form of meditating, your eyes will be open! In fact, you may already have been practicing walking meditation without knowing it – at it’s simplest, it’s literally a walk in the park, albeit noticing and being aware of things around you. Guided meditations are a third way that many beginners to meditation choose to take. All you do is sit back and follow someone else’s voice – either in person or via a pre-recorded meditation MP3. You’ll be taken through the relaxation procedure and guided through all the stages of meditating.

3. Set aside a regular meditation time

Meditation is like any other habit, it takes time to make it a habit! When you are starting out with meditation, set aside a regular time ti meditate. It doesn’t need to be long – ten or fifteen minutes is fine. But making meditation a regular part of your routine will help enormously. If you’re organized, book a time in your diary to have quality time with yourself. Or skip watching the TV news and meditate instead – this will have the added benefit of reducing the negativity you’re exposed to in your daily life.

The important thing about meditation for beginners is to begin! You can adapt, change meditation styles and so on at a later date. But you can only do so if you’re actually started meditating in the first place.

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