Menus at a glance

Menus at a glance

Menus at a glance

The navigation of you website is so, so important. It needs to be easy to use and very visible.  The placement and visibility are determined by the theme so can change depending on what theme you are using.  What appears on the menus is standard part of WordPress and is controlled completely by you.

Let’s take a quick look at the Menus Section


Creating New Menu is nice and easy.   If you have never visited this page before, it will put together a starter menu with that you can customize as you like.

1.  Click the link to create a whole new menu.

2. Pages, allows you to add any or all pages to your menu. Click Add to Menu.

3. Once you have all the pages you want, you can move the pages around, by simply dragging and dropping them.

4. When you are ready you click Create Menu.


The Link section allows you add internal and external links to the menu.  Click Add to Menu. Click Save Menu.



The Category section allows you links to you category pages to the menu.  Click Add to Menu. Click Save Menu.


Once you have created your first menu.  You will see the Manage Location tab

manage locations

This theme has placement for one menu, just select the name of the menu, click save changes.

Here is what it would look like with two options

Two Menu locations


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