Diva Musings

Minimal Zen to Done

Week 2 of the Zen to Done study and Practice

I picked to focus on Minimal ZTD to get the ball roll and work on some quick wins.

The process in short:

1. Collect:
2 Process:
3. Plan:
4. Do:

Collect – is going very well, I still have a couple places where I collect, but I am moving more of it over to my notebook, definitely easier to track and find things in one place.

Process – this has actually been the easiest part of the process. I process my email inbox 2-3 times a day and for the most part at the end of the day there is zero messages.  There are a few project related emails that need to be “worked” on and worked into the schedule. I am okay with that, it is 110% better then before.

Plan – this has been working as well, I did change this to weekly MIT’s as that is what fits into my current schedule and lifestyle.  I do will be adding some morning rituals/habits so that I can fit in important personal growth & development activities.

Do – I am getting better, I probably have a ways to go on this, but I am finding it helpful.  Being aware means I am stopping myself from going off and getting sides tracked.  I am sure once my brain learns that it can focus for 45 mins at a time on one thing that will help as well.  For now being aware and keep changing my actions.

Now moving on to Habit #5 Systems and Habit #6 Organize….

7 thoughts on “Minimal Zen to Done

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