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Minimalism a path to your Passions?

In Everett Bogue’s ebook “The Art of Being Minimalist: How to stop Consuming and start Living” , he offers a few reasons that you may want to become a minimalist.  These reasons could be you are plain unhappy, you want to travel, you are stressed, you want to follow your passion.   There could be many reasons, but I automatically connected with Everett because of the enthusiasm that he talked about following his passions.

To me the BIGGEST advantage of a minimal lifestyle is the flexibility.  Let’s face it, if your monthly expenses are half or a third of you monthly income you have WAY more options available to you when you want to change your jobs, if you want to travel.

okay I know that maybe that is not practical for you, you have a spouse, you have kids or parents, I agree that can be tricky to just up and move.  But if cutting your consumerism ie your expenses and putting the money into savings. You can now plan a great family vacation or you can easily give to your favorite charity, maybe your spouse could stay at home with the kids.

One of the topics that I started this year was “30-day Waitlist“, it is actually very easy.  On all purchases, you wait 30 days before going for it.  Most of the time you will find that you have forgotten about it, well that is what happens to me!  I use my calendar, I put a note 30-35 days out with a reminder.  When the 30 days comes up you can decide if you still want to it, I have not bought anything that has made it on the 30 day waitlist.   I have bought a couple things on-demand, I am pretty sure I have cut my spending by over %75 since I have started this system.

I don’t believe that minimalism is just about “things” it also includes “stuff”, clear your inbox, eliminate needy friends, make a decision that you have been putting off.  Get rid of your baggage, leave it behind and don’t look back.

Now you that you have cleared all this stuff out of the way, now you have created more flexibility and more time… NOW you can follow your passions.   Now you have the time to journal and explore what you might want to do.  You have the time to try things on, to see how they feel.  You have the space to open your heart and soul to find exactly what you need to be doing.

There are some many other great things in Everett’s ebook, I definitely recommend for you to get it now!  He has announced that he will be taking if off the market on Feb 11th

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