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I didn’t realize it had been so long since I had written something here…. I have been writing in many other places!

Triathlon 2010 is over at PureInsfusion.com and Project M-31 is over on Facebook Notes

I must admit I have been mesmerized by the concept of Minimalism this past month or so.  Now I have always, always loved the look of minimal interior design, but lets face it how do you accomplish that with 4 kids 🙂

The thing I loved the most about the design was the open space, it felt like there was always enough air to breathe.

The same concept seems to be the main theme of Minimalism as a lifestyle.  Removing all the “things” that are crowding you and allowing for “open space”.  This could mean your actual physical space, like de-cluttering your closets or it could be de-cluttering your schedule to allow more personal freedom.

I was like “ding-ding”, these is totally the bases for the “Extreme Self Care” course that I teach.  It is all about changing your mindset to allow for more personal space and freedom.  As I went through “Zen to Done” and “Project M-31” I would find the MANY of the areas these guys talked about was things that I had already done.

I am very excited about combining both of these together, which OF COURSE has given me some other great ideas….

Personally though I feel like I still have MUCH to learn about self care, minimalism and zen.  I want to work on creating a unique and interesting balance between all of them that will help guide me personally through the next steps in my journey.

Sooo I created a project in Lifetick to work on my simple minimal lifestyle, one of the things that I will be doing is reading a book each week on the topic and I am happy to share my thoughts with you. 🙂

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