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Motivation in 10 Minutes

Most of us have the basics covered, there is a roof over our heads and there is food on the table…. now what?

Well at some point you hear this little voice saying to you, there is more…  you can have more fun.. you can have more money, you can have more time…

It takes you a while, but you finally figure out what you want to do, awesome!  Now what?

Honestly that is where it gets even tougher.  Now you need to wake up each day, cover your basic stuff and then do extra stuff to move you forward to your goals and dreams.

Here are some Quick tips to fire up your engines and get you  moving:

1. Crank up the tunes – find the best music for the activity you are working on and blast it you will be tapping your toes in no time!  For working out I enjoy some fast paced top 40 tunes, for writing I will listen to some classical or jazz.  I am listening to Smooth Christmas Jazz right now 🙂

2. Inspiration – Look for mentors that have already successfully completed what you are trying to do, read about them, read their material, listen to them, buy their material, read what others have written about them.  Learn from there lessons this will make your journey easier!

3. Create a daily habit – depending on what your main goal is… create a time and/or action that you can do each and everyday that will move you forward.  If you are working on getting in shape, do a exercise every day, even a simple one like walking around the block.  If you are starting a business spend 10 minutes every day talking to potential clients.  Do a Action everyday, create the habit.

4. Visualize completion – Find a quiet time each day, visualizing success.  If you are practice for a race, play a movie in your mind, see yourself crossing the finish line, arms up in the air cheering, your family and friends cheering for you.  Think about the feelings, the sense of personal accomplishment, the pride in yourself for completely your goal, the love from your friends and family.

These don’t take more then 10 minutes, but if you practice them often you will train your mind and body to response to these situations, these activities and it will be easier and easier to move forward with your goals and dreams.

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