Motivation to Workout

Sometimes it’s just so difficult to get your butt out of bed to workout but you know it’s the right thing to do.

Mostly all that’s lacking is some good old fashioned motivation!

You know you should workout because not only does it make you look great but you feel energized and alive after you’re done too.

Any day of the week or any week of the year is the time to workout but as the weather gets warmer and the sun beams start to glow, you want to make sure you’re glowing with health too.

Warmer weather means less clothes and less clothes means the need for more confidence in what you wear and how you feel.

So what better time for you to get your body in shape, lose weight and start to feel great!

Here are a handful of the problems that might be standing in your way…

You may tell yourself that you’re too busy, too tired, too wired, not ready, haven’t got the right gear, got no one to workout with, not worth it, will never make any changes, can’t be bothered, too old, haven’t got the energy or can’t motivate yourself. The list of ‘why not’s’ can go on and on and on!

These why not’s are not actual ‘reasons’ for you not to exercise, but ‘excuses and while you sit there reflecting on your workout mind blocks, why not take a couple of small steps and go out for a nice long hike!

Studies have shown that when it comes to exercise, willpower alone isn’t enough to get you moving on a permanent basis, you need more incentives to get you to move.

Motivated means ‘move to action’…

That’s why I’ve put together some tips on “motivation to workout”.

Buddy Up!

It’s been proven time after time that working out with an exercise buddy will keep you motivated and on track.

When it comes to working out with a buddy, you’ll find if a lot harder to let that person down when it comes to your next session.

Music is food for the soul

Music is an excellent mood enhancer and motivator. We humans are easily distracted and lots of us find it difficult to get going in the first place, but put on a pumping tune and very few of us can sit still for long. Get yourself a theme tune to get you motivated and out the door. Also choose workout music with a strong beat, a quick pace and some inspirational lyrics. *What music gets you moving?


Use both short and long term weight loss goals to guide your action process to create results focused training which will allow you to form habits. Set yourself deadlines to reach both your long and short term goals and ensure you give yourself a healthy treat when you succeed.

Reward Yourself

You heard me, there’s no sense in doing anything unless it’s worth your while. Now I know that feeling vivacious and looking healthy are both strong motivators alone but are they ever enough? I call these rewards ‘healthy treats’. It can be anything from a new nail polish to a weekend trip, whatever is in your budget or is going to help you feel special and that your effort was worth it!

Challenge yourself

You’re human right? Well that naturally means that you love a challenge, even though you may not know it yet! You could use working out to help you get fit for an event, a charity fun run, a mountain trek, a wedding (yours?) or a birthday celebration. There are so many wonderful reasons in your life to use some weight loss motivation tools, just see what’s on the calendar in the coming months or what charity you can raise money for and get going!

Is it fun or is it a chore?

If you said to me lets go and play Frisbee for an hour 4 days a week I would tell you every excuse in the world why I couldn’t make it 3 out of those 4 days. That’s because I really dislike playing Frisbee, I don’t know why, because it seems fun, but for me it’s a chore!

On that note, don’t do any form of exercise on a regular basis that isn’t fun or challenging for you. If you hate Brussels sprouts you don’t keep eating them do you!?! The same rule applies to your workouts! Make them fun, ensure they’re challenging, change them up every month and just keep moving.

Follow these key motivation tips and you will have a spring in your step to workout in no time at all.

Stay fit, keep focused and feel fabulous!


Photo Credit: by stilllearninghowtofly – W W Tribe Psychiatrist

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