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My Better Half

I was reading just this morning and I was struck… over the head as in most cases.

I suddenly flashed back to last week and an excuse I said “I could work out more, if I had a buddy to challenge me”

And then it hit me…

back to what I was reading for a minute it a book on thought vibration and the endless possibilities we have in our if we get out of our own way.  Abundance, Health, Our Bodies… etc..

Regardless of the true intent of the writer, I personal took the passage to be …our bodies are perfect and we mis-use them… Our bodies are always trying to tell how to treat it better, we just don’t listen.

This is the idea that struck me, I do have a buddy, always MY BODY!  If I was to get together with my body and we made a date every morning to work out, I would ALWAYS have a buddy to work out with.  A buddy who could tell me when I was not giving 100%, one who could see through all my excuses.  Someone that is in the EXACT same place as I am.

Now I have no excuses at all about getting back into the gym. *shrugs*   it is a date, see you tomorrow My Buddy Body

2 thoughts on “My Better Half

  1. I love this post! Being a single (divorced) mom of 2 teenagers, I dont have a partner except for me, myself and I. And right now, I am focusing on my own personal growth in so many ways, spiritually, emotionally, physically and more. In a time of uncertainty, I am focusing my self care on my body….what I eat, what I do to de-stress, excercise and meditation and looking for ways to grow as a woman, a counselor/healer, a mother, a sister, a daughter and a friend.
    Thanks Lori for your wisdom and this place to get refreshed with new ideas. Your website is rich with resources and I find myself returning often.

    1. Thanks Maggie! Self Care is my passion…. not just taking my time, but making sure all women know they NEED to take care of themselves!

      You should check out some new recipes on one of my other sites http://www.pureinfusion.com

      Choose Passionately!

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