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My Top Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Over the last few months I have been really dialing in on my own person success with changing to a healthier lifestyle.   This is just a quick of the things I do everyday.

List 3-5 Big Hairy Reasons WHY you want a healthier lifestyle that you will gain from becoming stronger, fitter and slimmer and make them your health/fitness/weight loss goals. Go over your why’s as often as you need to. This may be daily, weekly or monthly.

  1. Eat 5-7 times each day spacing them out 2-3 hours apart.
  2. Have at least 20 grams of protein at each meal.
  3. Make up the balance of your meals with lots of  raw vegetables.
  4. Eat whole natural unprocessed foods, nothing in a box!
  5. Plan your meals, shop and prepare them in advance and take them with you wherever you go so you are not tempted to eat something that will not help you reach your goals.
  6. Exercise within an hour of waking.
  7. Plan your workouts in advance and schedule them on your planner or calendar.
  8. Treat these workout times as important appointments and keep your promises to yourself.

I am currently working on a schedule for my workouts.  I am training for a Sprint Triathlon, the distances for this are 500-750 m swim, 26km cycling and 5km run.  There are slight variations depending on the event.

I have been cycling for over a year, as you may have read in my Diva Challenges so that is my far my best sport 🙂  I have been working on my running since early December, I am working on a couch to 5km training program, since I have walked a lot, but never ran.  That has been going well, I am on target with the running for 12 weeks into the program.

This part has been pretty easy to schedule, 30-45 mins every morning alternating run/walking and cycling in the gym.  Now I am adding swimming and weight lifting to the mix.  The intention is to do that work in the evening.

For the first month I am going to start out with 30 mins of swimming and 30 mins of weight lifting and I will do it on the same night in order to create the habit of working out in the evening.

Month One: I’ll be expanding this more as I go along.  Love to hear your comments!

Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
AM 30-45
30-45  Run 30-45 Bike 30-45 Run 30-45 Bike 30-45  Run 30-45 Bike

30-45 Run

PM 30

30 Lifting


30 Lifting

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