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Diva of the Month June 2009 – Nancy Barry-Jansson


Nancy Barry-Jansson, the founder and illustrator of AffirmingSpirit.com, has studied and applied metaphysics for more than 30 years. Feeling an affinity for affirmations, she has more than 24 years testing and experimenting with what makes affirmations powerful and effective. Beyond her own personal successes with affirmations (i.e: in labor with her son, starting and running a successful business as a single mom, buying her home, etc.), Barry-Jansson has discovered her passion by teaching countless others how to harness the power of affirmations.

Inspiring interview with Nancy her life journey and inspiration!

Listen to Co-Creation Cafe at Nancy’s website Click Here

AffirmingSpirit Blank Affirmation Cards
Barry-Jansson wondered how she could combine her artistic training with her love of metaphysics. She understood that affirmations are powerful because they work on the conscious and sub-conscious level. Then, one night she woke abruptly with the idea: In a dream, she had created beautiful affirmation cards for people to write out their own customized affirmations! The idea so resonated for her that she immediately woke up.

as_10pksetBlank affirmation cards made so much sense because Barry-Jansson herself had been so bored using plain index cards for her affirmations that she had already begun hand-crafting individual cards and giving them as gifts. Knowing that every , and material thing, begins first as a thought, Barry-Jansson knew that affirmation cards are the perfect tool to consciously steer thinking and actions in the direction of your dreams and desires. When she woke up from a dream during the wee hours, she knew she had found the answer to making affirmations more enjoyable for her…and to help others find the process more enjoyable and powerful. Whenever you write out your own affirmations, in your own handwriting and specific to you, they become even more powerful.

It took a few years of work, but the AffirmingSpirit site was open up and ready in the fall of 2003. Just one problem: Most folks didn’t even know what affirmations were, and many who did know gave up when they had no success! Barry-Jansson realized it was time to begin educating people about how to properly create affirmations. That is when Barry-Jansson realized her role as illustrator needed to add spiritual teacher and mentor. She began working with folks, but was still surprised how much negativity and resistance existed around affirmations.

2008 AffirmingSpirit Affirmation Study
In February 2008, Barry-Jansson began a six-month Affirmations Study with women across the United States to gather evidence of why affirmations work. Participants were allowed to focus on anything that was important to them, with no restrictions within legal limits. For the study, Barry-Jansson offered coaching for the first month, thinking that would be plenty of time. It was quickly revealed that that coaching coupled with the teaching and mentoring was the *magic formula* for helping study participants break through limiting beliefs and achieve stunning results with their affirmations. Participants unanimously requested that the coaching continue through the entire six months of the study and Barry-Jansson was happy to oblige.

AffirmingSpirit Teaching | Mentoring | Coaching
“Participants were wowed by the combination of teaching, mentoring and coaching. I also saw how profound coaching was in revealing and releasing limiting thoughts, and how it facilitated the teaching/mentoring process.” explains Barry-Jansson. “Although it is unorthodox to do all three, it’s turned out to be an unbeatable triple-threat to limiting beliefs. Nothing is more joyful for me than helping clients step into their *wildest dream* that they previously thought was impossible! To me, this is why I was put on this planet at this time.”

For those who would like to experience this profound process, to see if if it the right fit for them, Barry-Jansson offers free consultations, and 3 or 4 session per month paid programs. To learn more about this process and request a free consultation, visit the Coaching section of AffirmingSpirit.com.


You can read more about Nancy and her Affirming Spirit™ Affirmation Cards at http://www.affirmingspirit.com

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  1. Congratulations, Nancy! Hope you enjoy this month being at the top of the list! I know it was fun for me last month. Doesn’t Lori have the greatest thing going here?

  2. Nancy is a shining star in my world! When I talk with her my whole world lights up from the inside out! Thank you Nancy for your affirming spirit!

  3. Thank you, Lori, for the honor!

    Thank you, Sheryl, for your best wishes, and I feel blessed to be in the same list with you.

    Thank you, Shireen, for your support and appreciation of my work. That means so much to me!

    Many blessings,

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