New Ideas, Bring them on!

When you were a kid, what did you want to be? Maybe you had a defined career track to follow to meet that goal. But, what if things didn’t go as planned?

The wonder of childhood revolves around the fact that the possibilities of our lives are endless. Each day invites a chance to learn something new that we can internalize and build upon. That wonder goes away as we get older and adulthood looms on the horizon. Now, we have to keep our feet on the ground.

In an effort to be more sensible, we tend to reject anything that is not according to a plan—either one we devise or one that has been set down for us. If we are going to law school, then we need to hit the ground running after high school with four years of college followed by exams and four years of law school.

Our parents and those around us truly believe that we won’t develop a satisfying career if we don’t follow everything to the letter. Life is not about letters, but about living. Everyone’s path is not the same even when journeying to the same destination.

So, why do we feel compelled to stay on the rigid imposing path of our lives even when we don’t want to? It could revolve around a lack of any better ideas or because we are afraid to want something not time-tested.

The thing about plans is that we choose them based on the fact that someone else has gone before and figured out the path. That’s good, but for that person, it was a leap of faith to “think outside the box” just so that you could follow them. Embracing new ideas is not about making unwise choices, but about enhancing the quality of our lives.

Remember the creativity of youth and apply that to your life. Be molded and shaped by your thoughts and values and not those of society. Who knows? Charting a new course today can leave a lasting impression on those who will follow.

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