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Now it is Twitter time! Add Twitter Widget and Share Button

Twitter is one of the top Social Networking sites.

“It took 3 years, 2 months and 1 day from the first Tweet to get to the billionth Tweet. In a given week, users send a billion Tweets. Users are now sending 140 million Tweets, on average, per day, up from 50 million Tweets sent per day, a year ago. The all-time high in terms of Tweets sent per day was 177 million sent on March 11, 2011.”   Tech Crunch

Twitter is the future of communication.  At its heart, Twitter is a communication tool. Just like the Web, and the phone and the telegram before it, it’s just a tool to let one person connect with another.

Now who doesn’t want to connect with other people… after all that is what business is, connecting with potential clients and creating genuine relationships with them.

Step 1 – Jump over to Twitter and create a new account – Twitter: How To Sign Up on Twitter

Twitter Widgets

Step 2 – Create a Profile Widget – Twitter: How to Add a Twitter Widget To Your Website

Step 3 – Add the Widget to your website/blog

Twitter Share Button

Step 4 – Watch the Video 🙂  The Plugin is called WP-TweetButton it is the official Twitter button and I like the look and feel but there are others ones that works just as well, test what will work for your website.   The best viewing is at full screen!




If you are unsure of how to set this up, take a look at our Basic Blog Setup Service, we can assist you.

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