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What effect does exercise have on glucose levels?

Did you know that you can easily manage your diabetes just by engaging in exercise? There are exercises that have a good effect on the glucose levels of those suffering from type 2 diabetes. When you engage in exercise, you expend a lot of energy from the glucose found in your muscles. At first, the body simply uses up the glucose which is traced from your muscles’ glycogen. It is in your bloodstream where this glucose is found. Engaging in exercise means your blood glucose levels will not get lower. Additionally, your body also releases additional glucagon and hormones. These are important because they break down your liver’s stored fats, turning it into more glucose you can expend. Engaging in exercise means your body improves; it develops a better sensitivity when it comes to insulin, as well as allowing you to be more in control of your glycemic index.

Why is the effect of exercise on glucose levels important to those with type 2 diabetes?

As previously explained, the exercise will have a great effect on your glucose levels. This is actually quite important especially for patients of type 2 diabetes. There are a lot of studies that indicate a better control of one’s glycemic index in diabetes patients, but only if they engage in regular exercise. Those who fail to establish a regular routine for exercise have results which are not as good. Thanks to exercise, you get to improve on your insulin sensitivity. This means you need to use less medicines and attain adequate control over their blood sugar levels.

Should patients with type 2 diabetes exercise more often or differently than otherwise healthy people?

There are times when type 2 diabetes sufferers are prone to hypoglycemia, which is a condition that can develop out of exercise. This is both after as well as during the exercise routine itself. But at the same time, patients who exercise poor management of their diabetic condition may also be high risk when it comes to hyperglycemia.

What type of exercise is best for type 2 diabetes patients?

When it comes to exercise, the kind of exercise that is used is not as important compared to the frequency of the exercise. There are also some studies showing that if you participate in both weight training and aerobic activity, you get even more benefits as a result.

When should patients be discouraged from exercising?

There are times when you one shouldn’t exercise, especially if you are at risk for cardiac conditions .It is best to start slowly and tentatively just to be safe.

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