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Overcome Emotional Eating – Help is Here

Emotional eating stops many women from fitting into their skinny jeans and wearing their clothes with total confidence!

I have a friend who is in the process of going through a divorce and she confessed to me that she’s been using food to help her cope with all the stress.

Emotional eating is a stressful fat builder that can lead to not only weight gain but also confidence loss.

I’ve helped my friend stop her stomach from bulging out over her bottoms and right now she’s where she needs to be, healthy, gaining confidence by the day, feeling and looking hot…hot…HOT!

The major challenges in life can often make you turn to food and until you gain control of what goes on in your head, it will always be difficult to gain control of what goes into your mouth.

Sue was able to take control and turn a negative into a positive with support from me as a friend and as a personal trainer but also with a heavy measure of self-worth and a desire to be the woman she had left behind in her relationship.

My friends passion for change and a new beginning pushed her to contact me on a professional level and I happily obliged by giving her my complete body & lifestyle transformation package The Flat Stomach Solution.

She got copies of “The Flat Stomach Solution” (85 pages of fat loss advice), “The Flat Stomach Solution Recipe Book” (49 pages of mouth-watering recipes) and the bonus books The Fastest Fat Burning Solution Known to Women, Advanced Abs Workout and The 10 Minute Bodyweight Workout.

Within just 8 weeks Sue had beaten her emotional eating blues and had turned her bulging belly into a svelte sexy stomach.

If you check out my own personal journey on The Flat Stomach Solution website you’ll see that I was once just like my friend, although divorce wasn’t my emotional eating trigger, mine was just every day stressors like a bad day at work or an argument with a loved one.

But Sue and myself are both living proof that with a little desire, a bit of work and a lot of fun, you can actually make the changes you want and discover a different side of life you didn’t even realize was there for you!

Try my top 5 tips to Stop Emotional Eating TODAY! > > > >

You can never afford to stop taking care of yourself. “It’s not selfish, it’s sensible”!

Stay fit, keep focused and feel fabulous!

Steph Rice CPT.

Author, The Flat Stomach Solution

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