Pages, Posts and the Kitchen Sink

pages post and the kitchen sink

pages post and the kitchen sink


Yes, the kitchen sink! Read to the bottom to find out exactly what I am talking about.

I am staying in the theme of keeping it easy and clear as possible.  So what exactly is the difference between pages and posts.

Pages are static and not listed by date

Posts are entries listed in reverse chronological order

Think about pages like this, these are the pages that you rarely need to update, like your about page or your contact page.  Think about posts like news articles, you still the newest stuff on the top and when you scroll down the page.

Create new pages

From the dashboard, click Pages, Add New

Add New Pages

Create new posts

From the dashboard, click Posts, Add New

Add New Post

Creating and Editing

The Formatting and Editing is exactly the same for both pages and posts.

And here is where we get to the Kitchen Sink. It is right in the Editing/Formatting toolbar

the kitchen sink

And when you click on it, you have more formatting options.

open kitchen sink

When it comes to actually typing your own content, it is the same is writing an email or creating a document.

You have the standard, Bold, Italics, underline, colours, alignment.  Depending on your theme you have options to use styles.  Your theme has determined the style and you can pick the style simply picking it from the list.


I look forward to reading your posts, when you one published, stop by and let us know.

Tomorrow’s post is  Encourage and Reward Comments




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