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Recently, I was traveling for some really interesting meetings… during the meeting, I was asked “why do you want to do this now?”

My immediate answer was, “Because I want a new adventure!”

For the last 10 years I have been able to say this of all the projects, work, career choices I have made.  Crazy right?

No.  It was a choice.

From the moment I decided to change, it was a choice. Every day I made a choice to be happy, to live life on my own terms, to do only things that I was passionate about.   For me this happened in two ways.  If I didn’t like a situation, I felt I could do two things, change it immediately or change it soon.

There is a lot of practicality and logic in my world, single mom for many years and a computer program, I thrive on logic. There is always a side of me that understands the need to take care of responsibilities.  I never quit a job with out a new one, I never moved with out a new place or a plan B.  When you have kids(or other dependents), you think things through.   But that never kept me stuck in a “bad for me” situation.

For the times I was able to change immediately, I did it.  Usually within a week of two I was heading in the right direction, like when I went back to college.  One of the best decisions I made, an interesting career, take care of responsibilities and more adventure.

For times that I was able to change soon, I did two things.  Set my intention and created a plan, focused on moving forward even a tiny little step every day AND I changed my mindset.  Yep, I am one of those people (after a LOT of practice) that can find the silver lining in everything.  It is not always easy and there are good days and bad days.  But I look for it, I focus on it, it allows me to keep a positive frame of mind while I am waiting for the right time to change the situation.

Creating a passionate life and living life on your own terms, doesn’t mean that you are necessarily speeding around the world or living with only the things you can fit in your packback.  It is the freedom that comes with making choices!  It is knowing that you can choose to change the things that you  are not happy with and try something new.   As Helene Keller says,

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

But within your guidelines, your own terms.  For me and adventure is taking on a new project that really piques my interest or writing a new book or choosing to go fishing rather than working 🙂  You are able to decide what would be an adventure for you. And you can decide to make each day and adventure by living in the moment, enjoying everything life has to offer you.   What small action can you take today that will feel like a new adventure?

I want that for you!

Reflections and Affirmations

*read this section as if you were talking directly to yourself*

I show my passion for life every day!

Life is an incredible journey. Through all of the ups and downs, I allow myself to experience my feelings and express them to those around me.

I strive to experience all that I can in life. There are so many possible adventures! I experience sheer wonder just by living my best life and I share my joy with others.

My passion for life cannot be contained. It bubbles over to those around me. I am excited and inspired by what I see. So much about this existence on earth evokes passion, whether it’s the vacation I just had, the novel I recently finished, or the sunset I saw last night.

My passion is often expressed through my curious mood. Other times, I show my passion by talking excitedly and sharing about some new gadget or situation I just heard about. I am interested in everything and eager to learn more. My interactions reveal my passion about all of these things.

My hope is that my joy is contagious. If someone else opens his eyes to the beauty and wonder of our world, his experience stands to bring even more joy and passion my way.

Today, I pledge to keep the light shining inside me. I plan to show my passion for life at every possible opportunity. I feel unbridled exhilaration about life and take great pleasure in sharing it with others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I feel real passion for life?
  2. When I am excited or overjoyed, do I share those feelings with those around me? If not, what holds me back?
  3. How can I ensure that I show everyone my enthusiasm for life?


Inspired Actions

Quick Consistent Steps that lead to a more passionate life.

My friend Henri Junttila over at Wake up Cloud, has a great article on the 5 Keys to Living a Passionate Life. Number one, hits you square in the gut and I feel it often the hardest one of them all.  Jump over and take a read.  What do you feel is holding you back?

I believe that you need to create a “balance in your life”, to do this you need to think of all your parts, Body, Mind and Spirit.  12 Tips to Crete a Peaceful, Passionate Life from  Oriya Pollak on Tiny Buddha talks about all of these areas and offer tips to move you forward.

This is really an amazing video, you may have to listen to it a few times… or maybe every day. But it fills your soul with the motivation that you to choose your passionate life.


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