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Insider Tips from Henri Junttila from his book Passionate Living

Henri from Wake up Cloud has written a great guide to turning your passions into a Lifestyle business called “Passionate Living: A Simple Guide to Doing What You Love?”

Of course I was attracted to it because I love anything that dives into how “passion” and “lifestyle” go together.  The guide is a 92-page page program that guides you from the beginning to the end in starting your journey toward your passion.  The part that I enjoyed the most was very actionable worksheet that takes you through the process.  There are a lot of extras as well!

I asked Henri several questions about that guide and he was happy to give us the inside scoop!


Q: What led you to write, “Passionate Living: A Simple Guide to Doing What You Love?”

It came from the questions my readers where asking me. I was receiving emails about the same topics over and over again, so I conducted a survey to confirm my suspicions, and then wrote a guide to cover all of those questions.

I have a feeling that that is what has made the guide so successful. Now a few years after I’ve written it, I still receive emails from people saying how it was one of the catalysts for changing their life.

And that’s something every writer/creator wants to hear!


Q: What do you feel is the #1 reason that people don’t follow their passions?


And when you do not belief you can follow your passion, you don’t take action, which is one of the keys to making progress. It sounds pretty obvious when I put it like that, but it’s true.

It’s not by getting things perfect that you make progress, but by starting and moving forward even before you think you’re ready.

You learn as you go. You have to be willing to face you fears, make mistakes, and hit your head against hard objects to really succeed.

Stop waiting for something and start today.

What can people do to overcome this fear?

I haven’t yet found a way to completely eliminate fear from my life, so what I do is take things one step at a time.

What often happens is people start imagining worst case scenarios and then they keep playing their imaginary movie until they became so scared they do nothing.

But the truth of the matter is that you don’t know what will happen, which is why you have to take action.

If you do one thing each day, you will make progress.

Accept the fear and do it anyway. Stop trying to figure things out, and … yup, you guessed it — start!


Q: In the chapter “How to Find Your Passion Once and For All”, talk about the steps to finding your passion; Brainstorming, Elimination and Experiment. Do you find the most people stop at step 1?

I’d say that most people are more than happy to brainstorm, but when it comes to actually doing something (experimenting) they stop.

Many have dozens of passions they would never want to live without, and the good news is that you can often combine many passions (if you’re building a business around them), but sometimes you can’t.

And we have to be practical, at least in the beginning.

But the good news is that even if you pick one passion to play with today, it doesn’t mean that you eliminate the rest from your life.

Look at it like a buffé. You have all this food in front of you, but you have to start somewhere, so you pick one, taste it, and see if you like it.

Then you can go back for more. But if you do nothing, nothing will happen, and you will, in essence, be forfeiting all of your passions.


Q: I love how you are supporter of keeping your day job, until you are better able to support your lifestyle, do you feel this would eliminate the average persons fear of following their passions?

It definitely eliminates a lot of stress. I like to be practical, because what really matters is that you make progress toward your goals.

If you feel like you could do better without a day job, then go for it, but for most of the people I’ve come across, that isn’t the case.

We have to bargain with our fears. There’s no need to face them head on and scare the living daylights out of yourself if there’s an easier way.

Keep your job if you feel like it’s the best choice, but keep taking action toward your passions every day.


Q: Once you have found the intersection between money and passion AND you are doing it in a non-desperate way, what do you feel is the easiest or first way to start making money?

The first thing anyone should do is build a platform, which usually means a blog or a website.

Then build an audience around the topic of your passion (hopefully where you’re solving a problem). And remember to build an email list.

Once all that is in place, you will have people telling you what they have trouble with, and the way you make money is by helping people eliminate or alleviate those problems.

You make money by helping people. Sometimes that means affiliate marketing, sometimes it means putting together a coaching service, and sometimes it means creating a simple ebook.


Q: I love that you address the “time management” factor, especially for people that are starting out WHILE maintaining their day jobs, what do you feel is the biggest time waster? and what is the easiest way to get back some time?

The biggest time waster is lack of focus.

If you’re short on time, you have to learn what 20% of tasks give you 80% of results.

You don’t have time to play on social media just for fun. You either do it effectively, or you don’t do it at all.

One of the most important things you can do in the beginning is to build your email list (at least if you want to have a profitable online business).

If you aren’t doing that day in and day out, you’re (often) wasting time.

So to get back some of that time, you have to know what to focus on and what gives you results. Then you have to schedule that time and eliminate distractions.


Q: Blogging or really any small business is really about “10 years to overnight success”, 🙂 what are some great ways to stay motivated when the going gets tough?

For me it’s always been that I really enjoy what I’m doing.

I don’t see myself as super successful, and I don’t think about the money that much as long as I have a place to live in and food on the table.

I keep taking things one step at a time and I enjoy where I am right now.

It’s easy to start daydreaming and look at how far you have to go, but instead direct your focus to the present moment and learn to cherish what you have right now.

Yes, things aren’t perfect, but they never will be. There will always be another goal to reach, another thing to have, or something to improve.

In short, find something you enjoy doing, take things one step at a time, and enjoy the process.


Q: Any final motivational thoughts for the reader? 

The most important thought I can share is that of taking action.

You have to be ruthlessly focused on taking one step each day toward what you want.

You will face obstacles, run into fears, and feel like giving up, but if you take just one step each day, you will reach your destination.

Getting paid to do work you love takes hard work, which is why most people never get there.

They end up complaining in a job they hate, but that doesn’t have to be you.

You can start today.

But will you?


Thanks so much for stopped by Sacred Earth Partners!  We enjoyed having you here.

If you would like to learn more about Henri and his work over a Wake up Cloud, you can find him here:

Website: http://www.wakeupcloud.com

Twitter: @henrijunttila


24 thoughts on “Insider Tips from Henri Junttila from his book Passionate Living

  1. I’m already following my passion, but some of those questions were still useful to me. I have a real problem with focus, and I imagine I will need to build up my own internal motivation as my funds start running dry 🙂

    Great interview, and Henri – thank you! I read your blog something like 5 or 6 months ago, when I was trying to figure out what to do with my life. You introduced me to the passionate living community, and for that I’m extremely grateful!

    1. Focus is a tough one no matter what you are doing! Not to worry we will keep the motivation high around here, visit often!

  2. Really enjoyed this interview… What especially resonated for me was his point about enjoying where you are right now. It’s SUPER easy to get caught up in the future – how far there is to go, how much work to be done…But he’s right, there will always be work to do – even once you reach your eventual goal! So why not enjoy where you are now?

    Thanks for the perspective. 🙂

  3. I used to subscribe to Wake Up Cloud and really enjoyed the content that Henri cranked out. I have no doubt that “Passionate Living: A Simple Guide to Doing What You Love?” is valuable to a lot of folks who need the kind of shove that Henri can give them.

    Thanks for the additional color with the interview. Good questions and great responses!

  4. Great Interview. I totally agree about the practicality of keeping a day job. I think it does eliminate stress, otherwise so many people end up rushing into wrong business or wrong decisions because they are forced to make an income from day one. But as Henri said, it is also important to work on your passions everyday so that “eventually” you do get there.

    1. totally agree… it is not easy to do both and you need to make it a priority to work on your “passions” but there is enough stress in the world, you don’t need this one.

  5. Great interview, Lori Lynn and Henry! Thank YOU!
    My biggest take away: “It’s not by getting things perfect that you make progress, but by starting and moving forward even before you think you’re ready.”
    In happiness and joy,

  6. Henry and Lori,
    Thank you, this was an excellent interview.

    I really enjoyed the word “experimenting” as a way to take action, all too often we think we need to get it right, perfect, or just so before it really matters.

    Sometimes simply knowing that we don’t care for brussel spouts allows us the opportunity to “experiment” in tasting the asparagus on the buffet of life.

  7. I love this Lori!

    As a business & Lifestyle designer, my business relates to this completely.

    The things that really stood out to me are, just start, don’t wait for perfection, you will learn along the way (by the way you never stop learning, so it’s a good thing you start when you don’t know it ALL), and you make money by helping others.

    Such wonderful advice, ALL of it.

    We have control over the design of our lives. We can structure how we want to live bu what is important to us.

    Thanks for sharing these fabulous morsel of wisdom!



    1. Thanks Margo! Henri always has such interesting things to share.

      and I could not agree with you more, we are the ones that control everything in our lives… so we choose every day to make it what we want.

  8. Henry is such a great guy, and I really enjoyed the conversation you had with him. It is so inspirational, and I am trying to do exactly what he did, and slowly by slowly I am heading towards greater heights. It takes doing things differently to live up to your passion.

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