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Ten minutes from now, you’re going to start living a less stressful, more fulfilling, “ideal” life style…one that you decide on, not a life you are forced to live…

Discover Your Ideal Lifestyle, Revolutionize the Way You Live, and Turn Your Passion Into A Business

You don’t have to learn on how to do it on your own…Let me help you discover the Passionate Foundations that will positively transform your life…

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Do you know how it feels to be lost?

What about the feeling of failure? The deep emptiness you have when you break down and you realize that you just aren’t going to accomplish a goal you’ve set for yourself.

Maybe you know what it’s like to work too hard to accomplish something, burying yourself into the ground and not knowing when to stop.

Or…it could be that you are stressed and you don’t know when you will get to all the work that you need to accomplish.

I could could go on and on, but I believe you get the picture. Here’s what I really want to say..

The Nature of Your Struggle Doesn’t Matter

Right now, at this moment, it does not matter what the nature of your struggle is.

  • You Might Be Struggling With Spiritual Issues
  • Your Business Might Be Failing
  • It’s Possible That You Are Overworked
  • You Could Be Stressing Your Body Past The Breaking Point
  • You Might Be Pushing Your Mind Deeper Into A State Of Inescapable Stress
  • Are You Just Depressed?
  • Do You Not Know What To Do?
  • Are You Lost?

What Does Matter:

You Can Learn To Take Control and Create The Life That YOU Want.

This concept is going to sound hard to believe, but stick with me for a minute.

You’re going to learn to take control and create the life that you want.

Right now, you are thinking there are sooo many things controlling your life.

They might seem like they are bearing down on you, keeping you from taking action. Maybe they are eating away all of your time or pushing you to work harder to guarantee your happiness, your family’s happiness, or perhaps the success of your business.

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’! Audrey Hepburn

When you approach your problems, your life with a balanced mind, body and spirit, you can watch your life change before you eyes.

Let Me Show You How to You Cast Away Your… Your Doubt, Fear, Anger, Stress, Work, Overload, Issues, Problems, Worries…INSERT Anything That Bothers You

Remember, it doesn’t matter what you are facing.

You have the ability to take control of your life and create a positive outcome. You can determine your own destiny.

What does it take to create positive, focused, life-changing solutions?

The answer to that question completely depending on the nature of your problems…

You see, everyone needs something different. That’s actually the reason why a lot of self-help programs and spiritual guides fail to help people create positive, long-lasting change in their lives.

You might only need to refresh your mind and rediscover the passion that drives you. You might need to put your mind, body, and spirit back in balance. Your work life might be competing with the natural holistic foundation that your mind and body needs to function properly.

What you need depends on who you are.

Let Me Tell You About Who I Am…

I think it’s time for an introduction 🙂

If you already know who I am, that’s ok…take the time to read anyway. Even if you are just reading this letter—reading something that you already know about me—you are taking a few minutes away from the hectic nature of an unbalanced life to relax and focus your mind on something positive.

Lori Lynn SmithMy name is Lori Lynn.

I can safely say that I am many things to many people. I have many titles.

I am a Holistic Life Coach, a Stress Management Coach, a Law of Attraction Coach, an counselor, a shoulder to cry on, a person to share with, and a professional full-time sounding board.

I’m an Alchemical Creation Priestess, a Chikara-Reiki-Do Master (Usui & Tibetan), a Nature Elements Reiki Master, a jack-of-all trades holistic life expert.

At the same time, I am a business person, a social media and marketing guru, a competent computer tech, a former professional networking specialist, an internet solutions developer and programmer, and a general corporate do-it-all.

I can solve tech problems but I can also solve life problems. I’ve worked in the corporate world and I’ve worked for myself.

The One Thing I Am Not?

I am not an over-worked workaholic, control-freak, perfectionist who works insane hours and has no life.

That’s the way I used to be. That’s my former life.

Right now, as I write this to you, I am 44. Last year, I left my corporate job and began working on my own business full time. I live on a small farm where I grow my own food and live sustainably. I’ve developed a spirituality that sustains me and enriches my existence.

I am Not Stressed Out Anymore

Let me tell you the story of how this all started.

I had a corporate job. It was a good job, but I was completely overworked and overwhelmed. I didn’t have a balance between my work life and my “me” life. I didn’t know who I was or what I was doing.

I wanted to control everything and have everything turn out perfectly.

I Decided To Change My Life

One day, actually one morning, sitting in my car at 4 AM, I decided to change everything.

I was breaking down. Dejected, depressed, overworked, overstressed, and annoyed with life, I decided to make a change in the way I thought, acted, and balanced everything in my life.

That’s when I started to develop a holistic spiritual connection between myself and the world around me. That’s when I started to research, study, design and implement the life-altering strategy that I want to share with you.

For me, it was a long process. For you, it isn’t going to be that difficult.

Now, I Am Here To Help You

I’ve turned my passion into my business.

I’ve turned the principles I used to turn my life around to positively impact the lives of others.

I created Sacred Earth Partners to help people like you change their lives and discover the benefits of something called Lifestyle Business.

You’re about to learn how you can achieve your own ideal lifestyle—not the one someone else has created for you—and turn it into a money-making business that you can live off of.

Create The Lifestyle You Deserve

The first thing you are going to discover is who you really are and what you really want.

As soon as you let go of all the things in your life that are troubling you, all of the things that are weighing you down and keeping you from living a full, enriched and healthy holistic life, you’re going to discover exactly how you are meant to live.

It might be different—actually I can promise that it will be different—from the way I decided to live.

Once you discover your ideal lifestyle, all of your inhibitions about life will fade into the background and disappear. You’ll be able to live a positive, balanced life on your own terms.

Turn Your Lifestyle Into Your Business

This is the next step. Not everyone does this part, but I believe it is a big step toward living a holistic life.

I can show you exactly how to turn your ideal lifestyle, your passions, ideas, thoughts, and motivations—some or many of which could be hidden from you right now—into a way to make money.

You’re going to learn how to turn your ideal lifestyle into a business.

“Find a Job That You Love and It Will Never Feel Like You Are Working”

Did You Ever Get That Advice?

You know what it becomes don’t you?

The line that all people give as good advice varies, but it has a common theme. It comes in different flavors of “study what you enjoy” or “get your dream job and it doesn’t feel like work.”

That advice disappears when we get out of high school or maybe out of college.

Reality hits hard and you realize that it’s about money and survival—maybe rent or that mortgage payment or putting food on the table is more important than doing what you love. Maybe you can’t find a job doing what you love.

It’s Hard To Find The Perfect Job To Match Your Ideal
Lifestyle…That’s Why You Need To Create Your Own Job

Reality doesn’t hit as hard as you think it does.

Yes, it is hard to find the perfect job. Yes, few people end up doing the things they love for work.

But, the solution is simple and you are going to learn it.

You need to create a job, you need to develop a business that is based on your lifestyle—the ideal lifestyle that I am going to help you discover.


You Can Do This…And It Will Change Your Life FOREVER

Be Proactive, Reach Out, and Take Control

Let’s dig a little deeper, I am going to show you what you can do right now. You’re going to take control and join me in unlocking your ideal lifestyle and your business future.

All you need right now is a little motivation and you can find it.

As long as you are reading along with me and learning about the secret to a fulfilled, happy, stress-free life, you are not participating in any of the active problems that you might be facing right now.

Just reading this letter and making it this far, even if you don’t want to take advantage of the amazing offer that I am about to introduce will do more for your life than nothing. Every little bit helps.

Introducing A Revolutionary Spiritual Guide, How-To Manual For Life, Support Network and Life-Coach That You Can Join TODAY


Passionate Foundations

You are about to discover your ideal lifestyle, how to revolutionize your life spiritually, how to balance your mind and body, and how to convert your new awakening into a business that can support you and your family.

Passionate Foundations is more than a multi-format interactive guide. It is a support network and community of people just like you who are looking to cast aside the troubles of an unbalanced life and discover the peace of a holistic mind, body, and work connection.

It’s also more than a set of videos, checklists, guides, and words on a page. It’s more than a support forum with other people. Passionate Foundations is your direct connection to my help. It’s like having a personal life-coach that can guide you through every step of the revolutionary process you’ve decided to undertake.

The First Steps Are Simple

The first part of the Passionate Foundations program is called “Simple Steps.” It’s one of several “courses” that are available in the program.

New courses are added all the time and I have plenty of content planned. This might be the perfect starting point for you!

Here’s how the “Simple Steps” course works…

  • Step-By-Step Guide – You’re never going to feel lost. Simple Steps is going to take you through the process you need to proceed to a new, authentic and nurturing lifestyle.
  • Bi-Weekly – This is a long term project. I am going to guide you through change and spiritual discovery, but it isn’t going to happen overnight. The program is structured bi-weekly to help you absorb everything you are learning and accomplish positive change slowly.
  • Completely Digital – This part of the program is completely digital. It’s not a book you have to read or a written guide to follow. It’s a multi-media presentation that is interactive and easy to understand.
  • Focus On Five Critical Steps – There are multiple ways to move thought the five transformational steps to unlocking your ideal life and reinvigorating your spirit. I carefully and helpfully explain as many of the routes to reinvigoration as possible.
  • Revolutionize Your Life – By the time “Simple Steps” is complete, your mind will be refreshed, your spirit with be invigorated, the passion of life will be restored and you will begin to realize your true potential and ideal life.


It Only Takes 15 Minutes per Day To

Put Your Mind, Body, and Spirit in Balance

One of the included courses I developed helps you balance your mind, body, and spirit. Again, take a look at what you are going to learn…

  • Discover How To Make Time For You – This is an essential element in happiness. You need time for yourself no matter what is going on around you. You’re going to learn more than how to just get a balance, you’re going to learn how to turn everything else off and just focus on you.
  • Create A Happy, Supportive Family Environment – Balance your family life with your new found spirituality. Learn helpful tips for managing family issues and taking care of everything that needs to get done, no matter how stressful it feels or looks. You’re also going to lean how taking care of yourself is the best way to take care of the people you love.
  • Avoid Being Overstressed and Overworked – You’re going to learn how to completely avoid building up stress and feeling overworked. It sounds impossible, but after you’ve spent 15 minutes a day balancing your mind, body and spirit, you’re never going to the debilitating effect of stress again.
  • Manage An Impossibly Busy Life – You’re going to learn to spend 15 minutes per day balancing your mind, body, and spirit and in that process you will balance and manage an impossibly busy life. It doesn’t matter what you have on your plate, you’re going to be able to handle it.
  • Adjust Your Inner Control Dial, Learn To Self-Pace – You have a sort of internal control mechanism that you might not even know exists. You’re going to learn how to use it. Remember, it only takes 15 minutes a day to set it. Once you’ve set your own pace, you can live on your terms, at your own pace.

Lori-Lynn-Smith-Your Permission-Slip1000

You’re Not Just Going to Get “Another” Guide

Yes, this is a guide designed to change your life.

It will be a spiritual and emotional transformation. You’re going to completely alter the way you think about the world. It happens naturally as you balance your mind, body and spirit with your natural needs and the world around you.

Do other people try to help you do this? Definitely.

Passionate Foundations is different.

First, this isn’t just a written guide. Most of the “revolutionary” products you see that claim to help are books, ebooks or audio files.

Those things are there—you have written advice, step-by-step guides to follow, everything is there that all of the other programs have. The difference is that Passionate Foundations includes multiple media formats designed for a variety of different learners and personality styles.

I’m the first person to recognize that everyone is different.

When you sign up for Passionate Foundations you get…

  • Access To Multiple Self-Directed Courses – You’re going to get access to the courses I described above, the ones I am about to describe and more that I don’t have time to talk about!
  • Four Categories of Help – Other programs use multiple products to target different areas of life—they make you buy different courses. Passionate Foundations covers for areas that take care of everything. Here are the categories: Holistic & Passionate, Business & Technology, Focus & Direction and Balance & Lifestyle.
  • Practical Exercises – You’re going to take part in practical learning exercises that help you retain what you learn and discover how you can implement each step in your everyday life.
  • Short Lessons – Most of the lessons don’t take a long time to complete. You don’t have to spend entire days absorbing information. A complete life transformation only takes a few minutes every day.
  • Checklists and Templates – In addition to guides and emails, you’ll get checklists to help organize your life and goals, templates to describe important lessons, and additional learning materials as needed.
  • Personal Coaching – When you are a member, you can email me at any time and I will help answer your questions and personally guide your life and business transformation.
  • Peer Support – You also get access to forums where you can ask questions, talk with other people just like you, and make friends.


Once You’ve Found Your Ideal Lifestyle, You Can Turn It Into A Business

This is where Passionate Foundations really stands out.

I’m not only going to give you instruction and support that will help you discover your ideal lifestyle and start living it, I am going to show you how you can turn your lifestyle into a money making opportunity.

I am personally ambitious. I always have been.

What you are reading right now and the program that you are learning about is my passion. It’s the lifestyle or the “ideal life” that I have discovered for myself.

Remember, you are going to be different from me, but there is a lot of be learned from my story.

I was down and out in life and then I discovered the balanced spirituality that could sustain me. I also discovered my passion for sharing what I learned about controlling life and discovering your true self.

On top of that, I have an excellent business and marketing background.

You’re looking at what I do. This is how I work.
My ideal life is helping people discover themselves and helping them turn their ideal lives into businesses so they never have to work another stressful job again.

You’re ideal life might be different, but no matter what it is I am going to help you get a business off the ground (or fixed if you already have one) that will make you money so that you never have to experience the stress of working for someone else again.

Create a Holistic Business Plan to Match Your Ideal Lifestyle

mockuplaptop300This is a big part of Passionate Foundations—it’s one many people really benefit from.

I’m going to share more than just my spiritual knowledge. I’m going to combine it with my years of personal and corporate business experience. I’m going to show you how to create a holistic business plan that matches your balanced ideal lifestyle.

For some people, the best way to relieve stress and live a better life is to have a vocation that matches who they are.

This is the best way to take advantage of that.

  • Stress-Free Business – Imagine running your own business without stress. I’m going to show you a holistic business approach that matches my spiritual success model. It’s a whole new way of doing business that you can’t learn at a college or from a run of the mill business consultant.
  • Be Productive And Balanced – There is a way to be super productive, efficient, perfect, and have balance between your business and the rest of your life. I’ll teach you my personal business tips, tricks, and advice that balance your work life and your personal time.
  • Create Focused Actions – I’ll show you how to identify the most important tasks and how to focus your energy on those first. You’re going to be more successful and productive than you ever imagined.
  • Social Media Success Guidance – I bet you didn’t think you would be hearing this from a life-coach, but I can also show you how to maximize social media’s potential and harness the power of internet marketing to take your business to the next level.

Watch It All Come Together – Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine never worrying about money again.

When you commit to a completely balanced approach that matches your ideal life style, ambitions, dreams and spiritual calling with a business that you create, when you live a life perfectly balanced between work and leisure—that’s the moment when work stops being work.

You’re about to see it all come together.

When it does—when everything works—you’ll never have to worry about money again because you will be successful. All the success without the stress and without the work!

See Exactly What I Am Describing Completely Risk Free

Satisfaction Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Orange

I am completely confident that our personal interaction—the coaching that I will guide you through, the multi-media learning system you’re going to participate in, the community you will be part of—I am so confident in these things, that I know they will work.

Your life is going to change forever and I want you to be more than just satisfied with the outcome.

Right now, you can see exactly what I am talking about risk free.

You have my word. If you are not completely satisfied with Passionate Foundations, I will give you 100% of your money back.

Just try it out for 30 days. If it isn’t working for you, if you aren’t on the path to finding your ideal life, if you’re looking to build a business based on your calling and you still don’t know how, I will give you your money back.

How Much?

About The Cost Of A Cup Of Coffee

Think about what a Passionate Foundation is worth to you.

What is a new life worth?

What is a revolutionized, successful business based on your passion worth?

Everything I described, just now, is $1.50 per day when you sign up now.

That’s it. You’re paying for my services, for the learning materials that I have developed, for all of the new materials I release during your membership, and for membership to a community of peers that you can talk with.

It’s only $1.50 per day, that is less then a cup of coffee each day!

If the training is not working for you or if you don’t like what you see any time in the first 30 days, I will give you all of your money back.

Special $1 trial offer — sign up today and get your first month in
Passionate Foundations for just $1.
Limited time offer. Click the “Buy Now” button to start your trial.

There are only so many people that I can help. Space is limited.

With membership, you get email access to me—my personal coaching, answers to your questions and advice—whenever you need it.

The problem is that I can only help so many people at once.

Right now, there are limited spots available in the Passionate Foundation membership program. You need to act now to reserve your spot.

Take The First Step

You’re Going to Revolutionize Your Life

I can’t do this part for you.

You’re first step has to be commitment.

You have to accept that you are unhappy with some aspects of your life or many of them. If you’re just looking for holistic business advice, you might have to accept that your business isn’t perfect.

If you are stressed and you can’t handle it anymore—just like I was in the story I told you, sitting in the car at 4AM unable to take any more of the pressure life was dishing out—then now is the time to act.

The longer you wait, the worse it will be.

Now is the time to take control once and for all…

  • Discover Your True Ideal Life
  • Balance Your Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Learn Through Easy To Follow Multi-Media Learning Tools
  • Create a Business Based On Your Passion
  • OR Revolutionize the Business That You Already Have
  • Make A New, Stress-Free Life For Yourself

We have a spot just for you!

  • Training Library: Self Care, Life Balance, Self Esteem, Core Business concepts, WordPress Websites, beginners to intermediate
  • Coaching Support: Accountability, Support, Experience, Answers, and more
  • Monthly Subscription: Super Affordable, No Contracts, Save Money and choose the yearly discount


Special $1 trial offer — sign up today and get your first month in
Passionate Foundations for just $1.
Limited time offer. Click the “Buy Now” button to start your trial.


We are currently updating our system,  We are looking forward to a big new launch early 2016, stay tuned.



I’m ready to help you learn to revolutionize your life.

That’s my ideal life and the business I run with passion—what’s yours?

I Look Forward To Talking With You soon, Choose Passionately Every Day!

Lori Lynn

P.S. Remember, you’re paying now, but there is absolutely no risk. You can get access to everything I just discussed and if you don’t get anything out of it in the first 30 days, I will give you all of your money back!