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PDR 06 – Developing Self Awareness and Discovering your True Self


Show Topic: Developing Self Awareness and Discovering your True Self
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Developing Self Awareness


Self-awareness is the most important aspect of personal development. It determines nearly everything else, including whether you’re able to stay motivated and achieve your goals.

With self-awareness, you can change deeply held beliefs if they don’t serve you well. The journey of self-discovery is never-ending and filled with surprises and adventures in your inner landscape.   

  • Developing Self-Awareness & Discover Your True Self
  • Turn the Spotlight Within
  • What to Look For While Developing Self-Awareness
  • Be Aware of Your Motivations
  • How to Flex your Flexibility Muscle
  • “What the Bleep Do We Know?”
  • The Importance of Appreciation
  • Unity Consciousness
  • Self-Awareness and the Tao
  • Using Self-Awareness to Be Your Best Self
  • Keep a Journal
  • Ways to Develop Self-Awareness
In Tao te Ching (Power of the Way) the author Lao Tzu, great sage and founder of Taoism, writes: “The great Tao flows everywhere. It nourishes the ten thousand things. It holds nothing back.”

I have put together a workbook that you can use to assist you on your inner journey of Self Awareness. You can download here: Self-Awareness-Workbook

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