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PDR 08 – Megan Flatt Speaks to us about being a Mama AND having a Business.

Megan Flatt on Passion Diva Radio

Show Topic: Megan Flatt Speaks to us about being a Mama AND having a Business.
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Special Guest: Megan Flatt

Megan Flatt is a business and time management strategist for busy moms who are ready to build their own dream business while being actively present in the day-to-day lives of their kids and families. She helps them figure out exactly what steps they need to take and in what order without feeling overwhelmed.

She prides herself on her ability to connect with her clients, put strategic plans into place to break down big ideas into manageable steps and give them the confidence and clarity to grow their businesses.  All while staying true to our shared our biggest goal — being the best moms we can possibly be.

She has devoted most of her life to the pursuit of the perfect to-do list and the perfect vanilla latte.  She lives in the San Francisco Bay Are with her awesome husband and two kids.  You can learn more about her and her services at

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