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PDR 14 – Viewing your life holistically with Debbie Marshall

Debbie Marshall

Show Topic: Viewing your life holistically with Debbie Marshall

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Whether you acknowledge it or not, making a change in one area of life will impact all of the other areas.  Experiencing success or disappointment in on area of life will carry over to all other areas.  How do we manage our life holistically, taking into account the “domino effect”?

We will discuss situations faced every day—choices, issues, disappointments and successes.  We will talk about how to take a high-level view of our life and make the best decisions possible.

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Debbie Marshall, CLC, CCC, CIC:  Certified Life, Career, Image Coach

Debbie’s experiences gave her the unique ability to see and understand people.  She’s walked in your shoes.
Debbie’s professional background includes both the corporate sector and small business community where she led, trained, inspired and mentored others to stretch beyond their comfort zone and leave their fear behind. Her passion is for helping people make positive changes in their lives.  She guides clients to identify their true needs, obstacles, and goals. She provides support, unconditional acceptance and she leads clients to take action.

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