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PDR 17 – The Balance Formula with Steffie Vandierendonck

Steffie Vandierendonck

Show Topic: The Balance Formula

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 Special Guest: Steffie Vandierendonck

Steffie has created a 4 step formula that leads to balance, energy and fulfillment. The steps are purpose, prioritizing, persistence and support and we will chat about each of these steps and how it can be hard to find a balance if things are changing in your life.


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4 thoughts on “PDR 17 – The Balance Formula with Steffie Vandierendonck

  1. De dc3a4r granarna gc3b6r mig glad, sc3a5 bihlgaega att se pc3a5. Vc3a5r minsting Hugo skulle c3a4lska att bc3a4dda ner sig sjc3a4lv och dockorna och alla njukisdjuren under den, och jag skulle tycka att hans kaosstc3b6kiga rum skulle bli trevligare att stiga in i om granarna fanns dc3a4r. Vi c3b6nskar oss filten med grc3a5 kant.

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