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PDR 21 – You Have Everything You Need to Succeed as an Introvert with Patricia Weber

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Show Topic: You Have Everything You Need to Succeed as an Introvert

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Show Details: Patricia Weber

Special Guest: Patricia Weber

You may or may not know the difference in the more introverted or extroverted preferences each of us has. As relates to everyday business success, the more introverted we are, generally the quieter we might be. Over the years this quietness has been misinterpreted, including creating various myths and mystery. If you think the quieter introvert means anything like they don’t contribute to meetings or they would never like to give a presentation, think again. Or maybe you wonder if an introvert would back down easily in conflict or couldn’t negotiate effectively for a cup of coffee. We’ve even heard people warning against the more introverted to avoid a career in sales. When an introvert recognizes they can depend more on their introvert advantages and need only tweak some extroverted behaviors to be successful at getting their ideas heard in business, their strengths will prevail. They will want to steep themselves in ideas that will more easily help them communicate confidently. Come to listen to an overview of how the introvert has everything they need to succeed in everyday business situations.

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Patricia Weber supports introverts and baby boomers who want more energy and vitality to live life at full throttle, with speaking, coaching and books.  She is recognized internationally, on radio and in print, for most things introvert, and for anything baby boomer. Featured in numerous publications such as Entrepreneur, Training, etc., her current book, Communication Toolkit for Introverts: Find your voice in everyday business situations, is due for publication by Packt Publishing summer 2014.  If you are fed up with the often, uncomfortable extrovert rules, or tired of being tired, be ready to be inspired.

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