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PDR 41 – Simple strategies to get you started on Social Media with Susan Friesen

Susan Friesen

Show Topic: Simple strategies to get you started on Social Media


Special Guest: Susan Friesen

Entrepreneurs are often befuddled over social media – they either don’t get it, find it’s a waste of time, or have no idea where to begin.  There are 5 initial strategies everyone should follow when embarking on social media to ensure better overall success:

  1. Have a plan
  2. Know Your Audience
  3. Ensure Others Know You’re on Social Media
  4. Be Consistent with Your Brand Identity
  5. Don’t become a Ghost Town


Listen Here:

Show Notes:

Nov 1st – The Circle – Live Your Dreams Creation Circle – How we can use the natural cycles of wheel of the year to create our dream lives.

Susan is graciously offering a special for listeners for  her Social Blast membership program – offering $10 a month off for the listeners only

About Susan


Susan’s passion is working with entrepreneurs and small business owners who understand they can’t do it all themselves and seek help in reaching their business goals. 

As its founder, she brings a unique advantage to eVision Media clients by having earned a Bachelor in Business Administration degree with a concentration in Computer Information Systems and has also been an avid student of marketing and social media, having studied under many leaders in those respective industries.

She won the Governor General’s Bronze Academic Award for achieving the highest academic standing in a diploma-level post secondary program.

Her experience in the Web Development/eMarketing industry since 1999 has gained her valuable insight and knowledge in how to effectively brand a business and then translate that into a user-friendly, search-engine friendly, and marketable website.

Having the privilege of working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, she truly cares about seeing her client’s goals become reality and helps guide them every step of the way.  From creating a logo and business branding image, designing business cards and other marketing materials, to building a unique, professional and functional website and then promoting it through SEO, social media and other eMarketing efforts.

Susan is a passionate learner of branding, marketing and social media and loves to share her knowledge with others to help them get clear on how to build and market their business effectively and efficiently.

Visit and receive your FREE report that will show you how to prevent your website from being a marketing disaster or contact Susan for a free 30-minute consultation to find out how she can help grow your business.
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