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PDR 42 – What is the Wheel of the Year? with Lori Lynn Smith

What is the Wheel of the Year_
Show Topic: What is the Wheel of the Year?

The Four Seasons mark a seasonal change caused by the Sun. These are Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, we are all familiar with these.   The cross quarter days are usually celebrated as significant agricultural festivals.These are Samhain, Imbolic, Beltane and Lughnasad.

Together they make up the Wheel Of The Year. The Wheel Of The Year, is often broken into eight festivals, most commonly Seasonal Festivals or Celtic Sabbats, these are a common theme throughout the world.

The Festivals of the Wheel Of The Year represent the connections of the elements, nature, man and agriculture.  Personally, I am drawn to the Celtic/Druid concepts of the Wheel.

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Show Notes:

Nov 1st – The Circle – Live Your Dreams Creation Circle – How we can use the natural cycles of wheel of the year to create our dream lives.

Lisa Micheals – Lisa has been my mentoring for over a year now, she has been a great support while I have been combining my Spiritual journey into my Lifestyle Business.  She has many great courses available

Natural Rhythms – This is the book of Lisa’s that I read from, I read portions of the Dance of Creation. Natural Rhythms: A Sacred Guide into Nature’s Creation Secrets


The Eightfold Wheel of the Year & the Druid Festivals


Basing itself on this deep and mysterious connection between the Source of our individual lives and the source of the life of the planet, Druidry recognises eight particular times during the yearly cycle which are significant and which are marked by eight special festivals.

Of these eight times, four are solar and four are lunar – creating thereby a balanced scheme of interlocking masculine and feminine observances.

At the Solstices, the Sun is revered at the point of its apparent death at midwinter – and of its maximum power at the noon of the year when the days are longest. At the Equinoxes, day and night are balanced. At the Spring Equinox, the power of the sun is on the increase, and we celebrate the time of sowing and of preparation for the gifts of Summer. At the Autumnal Equinox, although day and night are of equal duration, the power of the sun is on the wane, and we give thanks for the gifts of the harvest and prepare for the darkness of Winter.

At Samhuinn, between October 31st and November 2nd, livestock for whom there was insufficient fodder were slaughtered and their meat salted and stored. At Imbolc, on February 1st, the lambs were born. At Beltane, on May 1st, it was the time of mating and of the passing of the livestock through the two Beltane fires for purification. Lughnasadh, on August 1st, was the time which marked the link between the agricultural and the livestock cycle – the harvest began and both human food and animal fodder were reaped and stored.

The two sets of festivals represent far more than just times which our ancestors chose to honour the plant and animal life-cycles though. They demonstrate our thorough interconnectedness with both the animal and plant realms.


  • Samhain
  • Winter Solstice
  • Imbolc
  • Spring Equinox
  • Beltane
  • Summer Solstice
  • Lughnasad
  • Autumnal Equinox

SAMHAIN (October 31) (Cross-quarter, Fire Festival)
Samhain (SOW-in) represents the final harvest before the long winter.  It’s a time to honor our ancestors and embrace the darker half of the year.  This also marks the beginning of the New Year in many traditions.

YULE / MIDWINTER / WINTER SOLSTICE (December 20-23) (Quarter Festival, Solstice)
Yule marks the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year.  From now on, the days become longer and we celebrate the return of the sun back to the earth. Also known as Alban Arthan (the Light of Arthur).

IMBOLC / CANDLEMAS (February 2) (Cross-quarter, Fire Festival)
Imbolc is a festival of fire and light, and in many traditions celebrates the Celtic hearth goddess, Brigid.  It marks the midpoint between winter and spring.  This is a festival of purification, a festival of light and fertility, and new beginnings.

OSTARA / SPRING EQUINOX (March 20-23) (Quarter Festival, Equinox)
Ostara is the celebration of the spring equinox, and is a time to prepare for the beginnings of new life each year.  The hours of day and night are equal, and light is overtaking darkness.  Also known as Alban Eilir (the Light of the Earth).

BEALTAINE / MAY DAY (May 1) (Cross-quarter, Fire Festival)
Bealtaine is a spring celebration that honours the fertility of the earth.  A time of lust, passion, fire, and abundance.

LITHA / MIDSUMMER / SUMMER SOLSTICE (June 20-23) (Quarter Festival, Solstice)
Litha is the time of the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.  It’s a celebration of light’s triumph over darkness and that of the bountiful beauty that light brings into our lives.  Also known as Alban Hefin (the Light of the Shore).

LUGHNASADH / LAMMAS (August 1) (Cross-quarter, Fire Festival)
Lughnasadh (LOO-na-saa) is a celebration in honour of the Celtic god, Lugh. For others, this festival is observed as Lammas, and celebrates the early grain harvest.  This is the first harvest festival, when plants drop their seeds to ensure future crops.

MABON / AUTUMN EQUINOX (September 20-23) (Quarter Festival, Equinox)
Mabon is a time of thanksgiving that celebrates the second harvest, and the autumn equinox.  The days and nights are once again equal, with the night continuing to grow longer.  Also known as Alban Elfed (Light of the Water).


Integration into our Day-to-Day Lives

Now you are likely asking yourself how can you use this in your day-to-day life…. and it is a very good question!

The overriding intention of using the Wheel of the Year is deepening your awareness and relationship to the Divine within.

There are many tools and resources that you can use to journey on your path to creating this relationship with your true Divine self.  The tools allow you to integrate your spiritual journey into day-to-day life.  The impact of the tools and the new or deepening relationship have ripple effects to all areas of your life as well as the lives of the people that you interact with.

Sacred Ceremonies

Rituals and Ceremonies allow you to both ground yourself, connect you with nature, Mother Earth’s Cycles and the Divine within you.

Creative Journaling

Creative Journaling is a beautiful combination of Visionboarding and Journaling.  It allows for a very vision & creative connection to your intuition and your Divine self.  The process is very organic and you can use all sorts of different materials, it is like a mix media personal masterpiece.

Guided Meditations for Connecting to the Divine within.

Different from a Zen Mediation, Guided mediation takes you on a journey. This journey can be to the Akashic Records, it could be to meet your Angel support, it could be to connect with the Elements, or it could be to meet your Divine self.  It is a beautiful process that allows your to relax and connect without the worry or stress of creating mind silence, something that many people are have a hard time with at first.

Oracle Cards

Of course there are many wonderful Oracle Cards, I think that I have about 2 dozen different ones…shhhh don’t tell my husband 🙂  These again can be so helpful on your personal journey of self discovery. We only need to allow them to speak to you. The cards that I am focusing on right now and that I will be using in The Circle is the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle cards from Lisa Micheals.


About Lori Lynn:

redscarf300Lori Lynn Smith is a passionate and an authentic teacher who shares her real life experiences with genuine integrity. Leading by example, living life on my own terms! Lori is the Founder of Sacred Earth Partners Training and Retreat Center Inc. Sacred Earth Partners Training and Retreat Center, Eco-Spiritual Company, is dedicated to bringing programs, courses and products designed to support a holistic lifestyle and business that nourishes the body, mind and spirit.

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I would love for you to check out The Circle: Create your Dreams in 2015!

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We will focus on Aligning with the natural cycles of the earth using Sacred Ceremonies,
Creative Journaling, Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle, Conscious Movement and Guided Meditations.

Over the next year we well be connecting with the elements and nature to leaning and experiencing:
  • Finding and Aligning with your soul purpose
  • Systems for moving toward your dream life
  • Clearing emotional baggage that may be getting in the way
  • Leveling up your thoughts and vibes
  • Actions that you need to propel you forward


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