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PDR 43 – Embracing Your Sacred Feminine Leads to More Profits with Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

Show Topic: Embracing Your Sacred Feminine Leads to More Profits

The current success strategy for women is modeled after what has worked for men.  The unfortunate reality is that what has been working for men (competition, compartmentalization, and control) are exactly what is destroying a woman’s ability to thrive.

By embracing your Sacred Feminine, learning the keys to clarity, connection and communication, these feminine strategies are what effortlessly take women of all ages and stages into mastering their own opportunities in life by becoming their own courageous leader.  Women are taught that they can have anything, be anything, and do anything and yet the model to achieve that is simply destroying the ambitious women that are trying to create a purposeful impact in our world.

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Show Notes:

Nov 1st – The Circle – Live Your Dreams Creation Circle – How we can use the natural cycles of wheel of the year to create our dream lives.

What kind of warrior are you?  Mine is Kalia!  you can find more at the webinar


About Andrea:

Andrea2Andrea Carter is the CEO and Founder of the Wealthy Woman Warrior™ movement, a uniquely crafted series of programs that has helped countless women exceed their own expectations, re-invent what they believe possible for themselves, and take the lead in their life and career. 
Andrea’s degree in psychology – which was a catalyst for her feminine mindset platform – coupled with her experience in health, fuelled her desire to aid ambitious women in soulfully discovering their potential. Andrea brings a fresh approach to the professional woman’s mindset, strategy and action plan, resulting in multifold profit, positioning, and promotions.  
Her work has resulted in multi-year awards in income achievement and peer recognition.  As a mother of two and recipient of a Mompreneur award, Andrea is a strong advocate for finding balance between professional and personal life. Her goal is to continue pioneering the paths of feminine success forward for our next generations to come.
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Andrea’s Exclusive Gift To Your Audience:

 Wealthy Woman Warrior – Embracing Your Sacred Feminine Master Class

Your audience will receive a free invitation to my one-hour webinar on October 23rd at 1:00pm ET containing content from my wildly popular Wealthy Woman Warrior program.
This webinar will provide an introductory session for my Wealthy Woman Warrior content and allow the participants to begin being the leader of their life, embrace their sacred feminine and discover:
  1. How your internal dialogue is preventing you from getting what you really want
  2. What your sacred feminine purpose is and how to use it for growth in your life and business
  3. How men compartmentalize and women connect, why trying to act like a man destroys the sacred feminine and suppresses your potential for success
  4. Your unique Sacred Feminine Leadership Archetype, which will allow each woman to identify her strengths in life and business
  5. How to step into the possibility of your life without emotional armour by learning to communicate and act objectively
  6. A short Q&A to allow participants and Andrea to connect on the fundamentals of Wealthy Woman Warrior and how embracing the sacred feminine will lead to profit, positioning and promotions
Upcoming Events for Andrea:
Wealthy Woman Warrior™ LIVE, Embracing the Sacred Feminine for Profit, Positioning & Promotions!
November 22 & 23rd, 2014 at One King West in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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I would love for you to check out The Circle: Create your Dreams in 2015!

This is a complimentary Creation Support Circle using the Wheel of the Year.

We will focus on Aligning with the natural cycles of the earth using Sacred Ceremonies,
Creative Journaling, Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle, Conscious Movement and Guided Meditations.

Over the next year we well be connecting with the elements and nature to leaning and experiencing:
  • Finding and Aligning with your soul purpose
  • Systems for moving toward your dream life
  • Clearing emotional baggage that may be getting in the way
  • Leveling up your thoughts and vibes
  • Actions that you need to propel you forward


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