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PDR 44 – Women Living Larger Lives with Susan Schachterle

Women Living Larger Lives

Show Topic: Women Living Larger Lives

We are going to really dig into an exploration of how women can live a larger purpose, make a bigger difference, and generate more money in the process.

The book is so inviting and so engaging.  I really enjoyed the real live examples of the archtypes.  It really is a must read book for women moving into or through their midlife review.

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Show Notes:

Nov 1st – The Circle – Live Your Dreams Creation Circle – How we can use the natural cycles of wheel of the year to create our dream lives.

Emma Watson’s Speech to the UN : The Guardian’s story

The HeForShe campaign – excellent example of young men leaders stepping into their personal power.


About Susan:

Susan_Color_laughing_sizedBest-selling author Susan Schachterle (The Bitch, The Crone, and The Harlot; and the novel Between Darkness and Light  and others) is committed to assisting women to find and successfully implement their inherent power, wisdom, effectiveness, and joy.  

As Director of The Ahimsa Group, her work as a coach and speaker takes her all over the US and across Europe and Asia, working with women who want to step into a larger purpose, find greater meaning, make a bigger difference, and make more money in the process. 
Her books are available all over the world, and her articles have been published in a wide range of magazines.
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I would love for you to check out The Circle: Create your Dreams in 2015!

This is a complimentary Creation Support Circle using the Wheel of the Year.

We will focus on Aligning with the natural cycles of the earth using Sacred Ceremonies,
Creative Journaling, Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle, Conscious Movement and Guided Meditations.

Over the next year we well be connecting with the elements and nature to leaning and experiencing:
  • Finding and Aligning with your soul purpose
  • Systems for moving toward your dream life
  • Clearing emotional baggage that may be getting in the way
  • Leveling up your thoughts and vibes
  • Actions that you need to propel you forward


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