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PDR 48 – Embrace Your Strengths. Fill Your Practice. Change the World with Allison Rapp

 Allison Rapp

Show Topic: Embrace Your Strengths. Fill Your Practice. Change the World with Allison Rapp

As a holistic practitioner, you know that every client is an individual and that what works so well for one person may not work at all for another.
That’s why it’s so ironic that there’s essentially ONE marketing strategy being taught by everyone right now, no matter what kind of business you have. That “straight out of the box” strategy probably won’t work for you, although the gurus will tell you that it will — if only you’ll DO it.
We’re going to talk about why you probably can’t bring yourself to follow most marketing advice and what works a whole lot better — building your business by unearthing and developing the strengths that make you unique, so that you can get more clients without feeling salesy or unnatural.


Show Notes:

Holistic Practitioners are completely focused on transforming others… business coaching tends to take people through mindset transformations in order to break through the barriers.

Key differences with Holistic practitioners; it is very intimate so templates don’t work well in this situation, your own journey is the same as your clients, and rarely about making money, it is about making a difference.

Things that turn off Practitioners in the marketing content; making “6-figures”, hypey or salesy, not in alignment true self.

Biggest mistakes practitioners when marketing: knowing your ideal client, learning how to communicate effectively to you potential clients, committing to your business hours, and not asking for help from a mentor or a coach.

Read more about the mistakes practitioners make what trying to build their business:  Click Here

The Most Important Tips when transitioning to a full time practice.

  • Talk meaningfully with people
  • Work the number of hours you want
  • Clusters your work so that you can make your transition from your day job to your business
  • Celebrate one thing that is moving you forward
  • Practice or a hobby, make the commitment



About Allison:

AllisonAllison Rapp is Chief Enthusiasm Officer at, where she helps hands-on holistic practitioners around the world discover their natural strengths, get more clients and get paid what they’re worth.

Allison is the creator of the Heart-to-Heart Consultation and the Hero’s Journey Signature Talk
She really understand the challenges practitioners face because she brings more than 3 decades of experience as a hands-on practitioner to her coaching. Her gift is to translate the most effective marketing ideas into strategies that can be used and language that can be understood by practitioners who want to be able to—literally—reach out and touch their clients.

Special For Listeners

Listeners are invited to take advantage of 2 free assessments Allison offers. Both give personalized results that will give you insight into yourself and what you’re doing to build your business.
Take the Perceptual Style™ Introduction at This will be useful to you if you want to build your business more easily, or if you simply want increase your enjoyment of the time you spend with others.
If you are a holistic practitioner, the Client Attraction Quotient survey will help you understand what you’re doing well and where to focus if you want to get more clients. Take it by clicking here:

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