Diva Musings

Peaceful Heart

Sometimes I find myself worrying about all the things that I have yet to accomplish… life is short right!

Then I am reminded by the Universe that everything is happening in the perfect time and there is no need to worry.   Twice today I was reminded that everything is working out beautifully.

First and foremost, I need to make sure that I am taking the time I need for self care!

Second, I need to make sure to express my undying gratitude to the universe for everything that I have now!

And third I need to fall into peaceful faith that everything that is planned for me is coming together for the highest good for all!

All my studying of efficiency and productivity is to allow myself more time freedom, BUT I most remember to take advantage of every opportunity.  Without my personal time, whether it is exercise, meditation, journaling, blowing bubbles for the cats or just sitting down enjoying the sun shine, what am I doing this all for?!?!

So I am allowing my worried heart to breath away all the negative and relax into my faith the universe will provide exactly what I need, in the most perfect time for all!

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