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Personal Talents Inventory

We all have them. Each person can do something which enhances their life. Take an inventory of your own skills and talents. Think long and hard if you have to. They are there I promise. You might be surprised what you find.

It is like the argument that the kid makes to his dad when he can’t climb the tree. Dad says, “Use your muscles.” The kid says, “I just don’t have any muscles.”

Of course he has muscles. They might not be developed enough to give him the strength to climb the tree but he has them. Same goes for our skills and talents. The problem lies in the fact that they haven’t had time to grow.

There are several inventories on the market used to assess our talents. After answering a series of questions, the person has a picture of what area their talents lay in. Maybe you have artistic capabilities or are good at organization. It never fails though; we don’t often get the talents we think we should have. Don’t let that detour you.

There is a link between satisfaction and talent. For instance, if a person’s talents tend towards the creative, but they are working as an accountant, their life may not be as fulfilling as it could be. We are not playing to our strengths.

Start with childhood. What did you like to do? It might pertain to drawing, singing, playing a sport, or something totally different. Why does it matter?

Our skills are learned. We learn to ride a bike. We learn to sew. The talent comes in when we have the natural inclination towards something. If you are good with your hands, then once you learned to sew, you could create masterpieces like wedding dresses, a clothing line, and etcetera. That talent was nurtured and practiced until it flourished.

We are happier doing the things that we can do. Talent and passions that are encouraged leads to a certain satisfaction in life. You don’t have to play basketball in the NBA or be the next Vera Wang, but using that talent in some way each day fulfills a deep need inside every one of us. You could be an accountant by day and a sketch artist after hours.

The feeling that comes when our God-given abilities are allowed out to breathe is priceless. It shapes us and those around us. You may not work at your talent fulltime, but if you embrace it and make it a part of your life your sense of self-worth will grow. That missing piece will no longer be missing anymore. You’ll feel more fulfilled as a result.

Discover your own talents and passions. They may be hiding behind those skills that you seemed to learn so easily. If so, let them out and being making them an integral part of your life.

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