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Personal Yearly Theme for 2011 – Leadership

I have working on this for a few days now quietly searching for that thing, that idea, that strategy, that feeling …. the “one” that is inspiring to me AND to you.

The first year (2009) that I decided to create a theme,  I used “Holistic“, I used this year to “clean up” many areas of my life.  I moved to create a new lifestyle, I focused on my both my mental and physical health.

The second year (2010), I used “Level-up” as my theme, I used this to again make significant changes in my life, re-aligning my business to fit my vision for my future, changing names and clarifying the focus.  I trained for and competed in my first triathlon.

I took me a lot longer to decide this year… I want to accomplish a few things; I want to inspire more people, I want to positively impact more people, I want to mentoring & teach more people, I want to empower more people, I want to create a legacy.

I want to show people that “through simple steps you can achieve YOUR passionate life.”

It is time for me to step fully into a  leadership role and to lead by example, to lead powerfully, to lead passionately.

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