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Personal Yearly Theme for 2014 – Creation & Movement

creation and movement

It is that time again… Time to figure out my person intention and focus for the year…. it is like deja vue  🙂

Let me tell you a little what the one word theme is… it is the value or intention that you want to make front and center in your life.  It is the value/intention you will use to make every decision in the next year.

The first year (2009) that I decided to create a theme,  I used “Holistic“, I used this year to “clean up” many areas of my life.  I moved to create a new lifestyle, I focused on my both my mental and physical health.

The second year (2010), I used “Level-up” as my theme, I used this to again make significant changes in my life, re-aligning my business to fit my vision for my future, changing names and clarifying the focus.  I trained for and competed in my first triathlon.

The third year (2011) I used “Leadership” I  wanted to spend more time, impacting more people. I wanted to create a legacy.  I did this, not exactly the way that I had thought when I decided to take on this theme.  Oh but I most certainly did it.

The fourth year (2012) I used two words “Wealth & Health” My intention was to spend the year fixing my problems.  Oh My Gosh, were those the incorrect words to use.  Health: That is literally what I did all year round.  I spend more time in hospital and recovering from procedures then I ever have in my entire life.   Everything is fixed which is awesome, but it kept interfering with my momentum.  I would just get started something and another this or that. Wealth: Again I was literally moving from fire to fire, I was always able to resolve the situation, but a little less stress would have been nice.

Last year I am selected “Success” and my intention is to easily complete all the goals I set for the year, in all areas of my life.   So I bet you are asking do I feel that I was “successful”…  the answer is yes, 100%!  Was it easy, no definitely not.   But there was a bunch of areas that were very successful.  We sold our old house, we bought a new house and promptly torn it down and started re-builing it, we got married AND I let go of my day job.

The new house is a HUGE part of my vision for my future, this is the physical location for Sacred Earth Partners Retreat and Training Center.  It is the start of a multi-year project to create an amazing zen-eco education center.  Letting go of the day job was part “it was time” and part “it is too far to drive”, but I was more than happy to see it go.  I did love the work and the great people! But it was the right timing.

SOoOoOo for 2014 where am I going???  “Creation & Movement”  Personally, I am really amping my training in the creation realm, with several really deep deep spiritual journeys.   And with my Business I am focusing on movement(Inspired action!) on several different levels, for example creating a mission-driven, heart-centered high value business and most definitely the flow and movement of customer/clients and money through the business.  There are many many big plans with the updates and additions to the physical space here at Sacred Earth Partners.  SO many things really!  🙂

What is your theme?  Here is how you can find your word for the year:

Review or re-evaluate your core values to ensure you are coming from a place of purpose and alignment.
Step 1. Brainstorm words, ideas, thoughts. Free write anything that comes to mind.
Step 2. Ask yourself if any of these words speak to you, if you can feel them.
Step 3. Review all the words you have written, review the meanings of each of the words.
Step 4. Meditate and pray, allow the words speak to you.

Let you word bring you into a higher vibration, let your word empower you, let your word motivate you toward your ideal year.


Photo Credit: Ian Sane via Compfight cc

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