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Personal Yearly Theme – Holistic


I have been reading about the idea of a “theme” for your life. Themes are uplifting and they support you. Themes are part of a person’s support structure, the part that comes from the inside. When you create a theme for the year, you will be automatically pushed forward toward your goals. Why? Your theme helps keep you focused by providing you with a starting point during your decision making process.

Themes can be a few words or even one word to describe what you want to accomplish for the year. What’s important is, once created, it inspires you into action and is easy to remember.
I recommend that you write your theme on index cards and place them strategically around your home and office.  A theme located near your mirror or designed on a poster for your office is a quick reminder of what you want to manifest.

Some examples of personal themes are…

  • Financial freedom.
  • Have fun.
  • Put down roots.
  • Be present, present be.
  • Big leaps of faith
  • Enjoying all I have

I have decided my personal theme for the year will be Holistic.  There are many areas in my life where I feel that I am amazingly successful.  There are some areas that I need to work on.
Creating that balance and working on areas that need to be pumped up.

You can check how balanced your life is with The Life Wheel  – check it out here

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