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Personal Yearly Theme – Level-Up

Last year I started a new idea… a theme of the year.

I first heard about the idea last year from fellow Canadian  Mari Smith, I also read Christine Kane’s Word of the year.  I definitely find this exercise uniquely personal and very directional.

The general idea is create a one-word theme that will focus your journey for the year.  It will be the bases for all your decision making and your guiding light throughout the year.

Last year I my word was “Holistic“.   I made choices that allowed me to focus on a more holistic healthy lifestyle.  It has lead to some very dramatic business changes that will come in existence over the next few months.

I feel that I have created a solid foundation, set on a holistic lifestyle where I can follow  my passions and  I am in complete alignment with my soul’s purpose.

This allows me to set the theme for this year, which I choose to call “Level-Up“.   My intention is to take every area of my life and take it to the next level.

The last 3 months I have spent in a deep reflective and planning stage in both my personal and business.  I am totally excited about the new direction, focus and plans for 2010.  This year is going to be beyond amazing!

One of the “Level-Up” activities is to write more, to write more authentic, to write deeper, to write in alignment with my soul purpose.  I look forward to sharing much over the next year.

I would love to hear what your theme will be… post your 2010 theme in the comments!

“Choose Passionately”

The Passion Diva – Lori Smith

2 thoughts on “Personal Yearly Theme – Level-Up

  1. My 2010 Theme is “Another First” which was sparked by Ali Brown’s post “Trying Something New.” Thank you, Lori, for the idea of formulating a yearly theme – a focus for the whole year. So far my Firsts include: cruising, kissing a stingray, snorkeling, losing 14 lbs., exercising 6 days a week, and co-presenting in San Jose, CA. I am committed to seeking out opportunties to try new things. And I’m loving the feeling of adventure and the thrill of accomplishment.

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