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Power up

I am going to be starting a new series… every couple of days I will talk about a value or attribute that all Diva’s (people really) can strive to add to their lives.

1. ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something.
2. great or marked ability to do or act; strength; might; force.

When I think of power, I think of my own personal power. My power to make independent decisions that will improve my life. I also think of the power that I have to create an impact in other peoples lives. This leads me to think…. “am I create a positive or negative impact on other people?” And “what do impact do I want to have?”

I am going to assume like me you really want to leave a lasting positive impact on the people around you, whether that is your close family and friends or whether it is clients.

So what is your impact? what value are you adding to the lives around you? and mostly importantly what can you to do level-up the valuable impact that you have on others?

You have the POWER! As independent powerful Diva’s you have more power then you can possibly imagine, use your power for good!


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