Powerful Habits

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Think for a moment about your Self. Is there something that you would like to have, somewhere you would like to go, or something you would like to do? What is holding you back? I can probably guess at the possible answers:”Not enough money.” “Not enough time.” “I couldn’t do that!”

Straight talk here, I believe that the only thing holding you back from doing what you would like is you!

I have definitely been there too.  I have been in that place where I used lots of excuses and blamed others.  But we all have the ability to decide, decide to change how we think and react about the situation.

Every one of us was born with the power to change our lives. All of us have seen seemingly ordinary people become superheroes.

Why is this? Something happens in their lives that makes them suspend belief long enough to act unconsciously. When this happens, they are able to access this power and perform extraordinary feats.

Our minds is where this super power comes from, our minds are a recording device. We store away everything we read, see, hear, or otherwise experience in our lives from before we come into the world.

During this time we also form opinions with the use of this information and from the influences of others. From opinions and beliefs come habits. Habits then become our life – just day after day habits!  Let me say that again.  Opinions, beliefs, thoughts are just habits we think every day.

Have you ever tried to break a habit? It’s not easy! That is because a habit is much easier to do than NOT do. To change a habit means you have to change your belief! Now we are back where we started. If there is something you truly want in your life, you can get it.

The very first step is to change your belief. Believe that it is possible.

One of the most powerful things you can do for someone is to allow them the freedom to change their belief and their thinking process. This can be as simple as the statement – “What I want for you is”.

When hearing this statement, the mind will take that information in and bounce it around for a while. It might, with a bit of help from your Self, begin to change your belief that a thing is impossible, and begin to believe that it is possible, even reachable.

Once your intentions to the Universal Power is clear, then this Power has no choice but to help you by presenting opportunities for you.

(You do have to be clear enough to see the opportunities and you must act!)

Now keep repeating this until you have created a whole new habit, one that is going to lead you exactly where you want to be.

Think of all you can do! What is it that you would truly love to do?  I want that for you!

Reflections and Affirmations

*read this section as if you were talking directly to yourself*

I am stronger than my habits.

Like everyone, I have customary ways of doing things. I live a lifestyle that serves me well. However, I am also flexible and open to other options when they benefit me. When one of my habits needs to change, I am ready to take action.

Because my habits are mine by choice, I know that I am stronger than they are. I decide when something works for me and when I am ready for change.

If I find myself at a crossroads where my usual choice does not serve me, I stop for a moment and assess the situation.  I ask myself what would be the best action for me now. I evaluate every possible option, not just my customary ones. Because I can think outside my usual mental constraints, I am free from the force of habit.

I am grateful for my resourcefulness and strength. And I am thankful for always being able to see the big picture, in which I have many options, instead of just a few.  My versatility and determination enable me to choose the best path for myself in any circumstance.

Today, I am confident that I am stronger than my habits. I trust that I can do whatever is best for my loved ones and me in all situations. In each moment, I practice awareness of habitual behaviors so I always have access to many choices.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1.    When was the last time I made deliberate, conscious decisions?

2.    What might I have chosen, instead, if I had allowed habit to dictate my actions?

3.    Why am I stronger than my habits?


Inspired Actions

I believe that simple steps are the single most effective way to move forward in your life.   The key is quick and consistent steps.

There are many different areas of our life that we can add these little steps, when we are practicing regularly, we will create excellent habits.

In many of my writings, I refer to habits as rituals.  I love that name, it really speaks to the priestess in me. It feels as if a ritual is grounded right into the very core of my existence.  In what areas could you create rituals?  Get started on updating or creating new rituals. Creating a new ritual is the same as creating a new habit.

Because all things should be simple here is a very quick resource that will get you started on the path to creating better habits. How To Change Your Habits – The Ultimate Guide To Creating Good Habits For Life (Habits Of Successful People, Forming Habits)


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