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Natural disasters can take place at any time, and it’s important for you and your family to be prepared no matter what. Getting the right preparation supplies will definitely come in handy when you family is faced with a storm, fire, or other emergency situation, so here are some of the items that you’ll need.

First, you should find a container for holding your preparation supplies. You should select containers that are waterproof so that your supplies won’t get damaged. A backpack is also a good choice, since it is lightweight and will leave both of your hands free in case you have to bandage wounds or prepare food. If you have a large family, you may also want to consider a large covered trash can to hold your preparation supplies in. The trash can should have a locking lid to keep all your supplies safe, and you should make sure your children know that this can is to be used for emergencies only.

Next you’ll need to start filling the container with preparation supplies. Visit your local grocery store for non-perishable items like canned goods and packaged items. You’ll find a variety of fruits and vegetables that will keep for months at a time. Remember to keep a can opener in your emergency kit as well so that you can get to the food easily. You may also want to include seasonings like salt and pepper in the kit to make bland foods taste better.

Water is one of the most important preparation supplies you can have. Make sure that your kit is stocked with at least a week’s worth of water, so that your family can stay hydrated. You’ll also need to have enough water for the family to bathe and wash up in case the city’s water supply is cut off due to a natural disaster. If you’re a nursing mother, or have someone living in your home who is, be sure to add extra water to the kit as well.

Your preparation supplies should also include the items you would find in a first aid kit. You can pack the supplies in a smaller container, and place it in the large box or can where all the other emergency items are located. Be sure to include pain relieving medications for adults and children, as well as antacids and multi-vitamins. It’s better to pack medicines in pill form for easier storage and to prevent spills. Get some bandages and antibacterial creams together as well, so that you can patch up any cuts and bruises that may occur while you’re trying to evacuate and find safety.

For more tips and information on finding preparation supplies that you and your family can use, visit the American Red Cross website.

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