Primal Living at it Simplest

There is a lot of great information out there on the “how’s” of Primal Living.

I like to boil things down to the very simplest most basic frame work, why make things harder then what they need to be right?

My definition of Primal Living: Living as close as possible to our hunter-gather ancestors.

Let’s face it, it is hundreds of years later, but I believe we can get much closer.

So the basics:

  1. Eat Real Food
  2. Exercise
  3. Create a balanced lifestyle

Eat Real Food

Selecting foods that are much closer to what was available to our  ancestors.  We definitely have a lot more advantages now, we get to go to the local grocery story to buy what we need.  I am working toward growing what I eat, both with a garden and with animal husbandry.   My belief is we should be combining the 100 Mile Diet concept our primal and rural living.  This way we are growing the food that is easily grown in our particular area. I’ll be writing more about this in the Rural Living category as time goes by.

Back to the food, the types of food would be meat(beef, pork, bison, venison, etc), poultry/fowl (meat and eggs), vegetables, fats, fruit, nuts and seeds.


There are lots of different variations on what exercise you should be doing, so for now let’s just say, just do it!  Whether it is long and slow or quick and intense you just need to get moving.   As your body changes as you grow into the lifestyle you can adapt and evolve into what works best for you.

Create a balanced Lifestyle

I believe that deciding what you need for you “perfect” lifestyle is the biggest challenge.  Once you know you can start creating it.  This to me is the best part of the whole process.  Creating a lifestyle that has both play and work. Better yet you can create a lifestyle where you can’t tell from minute to minute if you are working or playing because both feels awesome to you and you get seriously lost in the process.

Making this change simple…. no, but I believe that it can be a fun, exciting adventure!

Action Plan:

Outline your perfect day or week, focus on how you are feeling.  Do you have lots of energy, are you having fun, are you enjoying life? Do you feel strong and health?


Photo Credit: By MalayalaM




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