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Profit From Technology: A Guide for Today’s Real Estate Agent

Foundation Coaching Group Launches a New Book-

Profit From Technology: A Guide for Today’s Real Estate Agent

(Calgary, AB, June 14, 2009)– Foundation Coaching Group announced the launch of their latest book, Profit From Technology: A Guide for Today’s Real Estate Agent.

Real estate has long been a lucrative career options for millions of people. Yet, as technology has continued to advance, some professionals hesitate to introduce real estate technology into their business models.

Foundation Coaching Group launched this latest book to provide vital resources to those individuals who are interested in truly advancing their real estate business through leveraging technology. Readers will have in their hands, everything they need to practically guarantee their future financial success.

As technology continues to advance, many real estate professionals are unsure of how they can leverage these advancements to further their business’s revenues. This real estate book strives to provide these answers, focusing on how to develop a 100% online lead generation system, using the Internet to serve the Seller, how to speak the language of today’s internet enabled client, how to capitalize on the future of real estate support- the virtual assistant, and the process for building an effective, custom website.

This revolutionary handbook was written by some of the industry’s best professionals, including: Joeann Fossland, Colleen Fischesser, Missy Caulk, Sarah Reiter, Brian Block, Carol Smith, Celeste “Sally” Cheeseman, Natalie Langford, and Kathi Frank. Each one of these talented individuals, all who have embraced technology, have contributed their insight and effective methods necessary for boosting revenues within the industry within the pages of this handbook.

“Readers of this new book will be shocked at how much valuable information is provided. We have provided lists of resources, charts, links to useful websites, step-by-step outlines, and personal stories, all designed to inspire action on the part of the readers,” said Lori Smith, CEO and Founder of Foundation Coaching Group.

For real estate professionals looking to take their results to the next level, this new book promises to deliver the steps needed to make it happen. To order your own copy of Profit From Technology: A Guide for Today’s Real Estate Agent, visit http://www.coachresources.ca . The book is also readily available to order on Amazon.com.

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